Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year

Experience Mobility would like to wish all of you a very Happy New Year.

Dec 31st Experience Mobility posts

Tagged Twice in the Meme Challenge

Chris Leckness from Mobilitysite and Craig Pringle from Blog:: Craig Pringle tagged me on the same day so I figured that I better get my part done and give the 5 facts about myself that you would not otherwise know and then tag five other bloggers to do the same.
Some might consider it a Chain Letter […]

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Dec 30th Experience Mobility posts

CommManagerPlus - A Freeware Great

The folks at PocketPCFreeware have again found a great freebie for you to use.  This one is a program which allows you to create shortcuts to your favorite applications and to define many settings at the same time, a bit like a micro-batch file.
 With the shortcut created, while launching your application, you may :
- adjust brightness,- […]


BostonPocketPC - Alive and Well!

After a serious issue with hosting as well as a few other technical issues, the Boston Pocket PC website is finally back up and running!  YEA!!!

It’s a NEW look for a NEW year with a whole lot of neat NEW things coming!
There will be some cool announcements coming from the guys at Boston Pocket PC […]


MMS Exploit Released for Windows Mobile – No Patch Available

Geekzone reported today that the Symantec Security Response Weblog has posted a note warning that an exploit is in the wild that uses the multimedia messaging service (MMS) as a vector. MMS are similar to the SMS but carry multimedia information such as text, sound, pictures and short videos.
The warning is a follow up […]


A Komamura Leica M3 mini replica

Akihabaranews posted a story on A Komamura Leica M3 mini replica the other day that I thought was cool.  It reminded me of a camera I had a long time ago.
Komamura has been offering replicas of known vintage cameras for sometime but this mini replica of the Leica M3 was cool so I thought I’d […]


I just want to hear it go RING RING

When I am out and someone is trying to call, I just want to hear my phone RING … I don’t care for all those special ring tones, they just don’t interest me.  Give me the old Ring Ring and I’m happy.

Yeah, I know, I am probably in a very small minority there […]


Cable-Free USB Hub

PC Magazine has a review of new Belkin Cable-Free USB Hub. If you want to connect your USB devices and don’t want wires all over the place, it certainly is an interesting alternative.  The folks at PC Magazine feel that the $200 is a lot of money to replace a USB computer-to-hub cable … their […]


Wii Media Center take 2 (courtesy of Orb)

PVR Wire had a neat post on the Wii that those of you who are investigating the possibilities of your new game console might like …
In part, they said:
you can use the Opera web browser on a Wii, you can also use Orb on a Wii. That means you can access videos, pictures, […]

Friday, December 29, 2006

Dec 29th Experience Mobility posts

Ford, Microsoft and Mobile Devices

David Garrett had an article today that said the new automotive Sync system to be used by Ford, is built on Microsoft’s Windows CE operating system, which powers mobile handhelds and smartphones.
Windows Automotive attempts to lighten up traffic woes with a high-throughput injection of infotainment and on-board navigation.
Now what will be really cool […]


Windows Internet Explorer 7

Install the new Internet Explorer 7 to get the benefits of tabbed browsing, better printing, easier searches, and improved security.

Internet Explorer 7 has been designed to make everyday tasks easier, provide dynamic security protection and improve the development platform and manageability. End user improvements include a streamlined interface, tabbed browsing, printing advances, improved search […]


Boost Mobile Launches #TAXI in U.S.

#TAXI’s launch into the US begins with its first US Wireless Carrier - Boost Mobile — and a joint safety campaign.
In the fight to keep our streets safe from impaired drivers, #TAXI (Pound Taxi) is proud to be a new annual sponsor of Mother’s Against Drunk Driving’s (MADD) Tie One on For Safety Campaign, […]


YELLOWPAGES.COM - New PC-to-Mobile Functionality

Consumers Can Share Information Between PCs and Mobile Handsets.
YELLOWPAGES.COM, a joint venture of AT&T and BellSouth, announced the launch of a new “Send to Mobile” site feature that allows consumers to send search results directly to their mobile handsets for future use.
Additionally, they can access directly from their mobile phone web browser and […]


PhatPad 4.0 - New Version, New Features

PhatWare Corp. has announced the release of PhatPad 4.0, the next generation of the company’s award-winning notes organizer for Microsoft Windows-based Desktop, Tablet, and Pocket PCs.
PhatPad allows users to draw pictures, jot notes, or put a mixture of pictures and typed text on a virtual scratch pad. The program’s new digital ink technology provides […]


The One-Touch Any-Media iPod Uploader

 …. and you can find this slick item at Hammacher Schlemmer
This caught my eye as a potentially very slick device to have if you are looking for an easy way to convert a variety of media for your iPod.
It converts any type of video or audio, including cassette tapes, vinyl records, television shows, and VHS […]



Mobility Site member Menneisyys passed on a tip that is just terrific. Essentially he found that received the information about HTC’s 2007 Roadmap … and it looks very exciting.
Below is a picture of some of the devices we might expect to see in the very near future.  Click the link for Mobilitysite to check out the complete […]


i-mate Authorized Repair Center

This is great news if you own an iMate and by some chance have a problem with it.  Pocket PC Techs is an incredible group of folks that have been servicing the Pocket PC community for some time and have built a reputation of providing outstanding support.

On Dec. 17, 2006, was declared the official […]


Astraware’s Annual Hogmanay Party

Astraware is celebrating the New Year with its Annual Hogmanay Party and you’re all invited!
The Hogmanay Party runs from December 30th 2006 to January 11th 2007 and offers a range of fun games from as little as $2.95. Substantial discounts on different games will be offered each day, so remember to check the Party […]

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Dec 28th Experience Mobility posts

X50/X50v Update

Although I would find it hard to believe that anyone that has an X50/X50v would not know this already, just in case someone stops by, has an Axim and did not know, the folks at Aximsite have posted about the LONG AWAITED UPDATE.
In a nutshell, the System Update for X50/X50v Running WM5 has the […]


UMPC or Pocket PC?

The::unwired had an item up today about the soon to be introduced Tatung (UMPC) or (Pocket PC). Interesting ….
Arne had said that there was not too much information available but speculation was spreading and it looks like Tatung plans to release a Windows Mobile-based UMPC look-alike Pocket PC.

Check out what Arne had to say here


Need a pen?

Then check out these 5 High-Tech Pens you can actually buy.  I saw this item over at TechEBlog and thought the pens were “sorta” cool.  I’m not sure if I would get them but … I might.


DailyTech - DailyTech Turns 0.999…

Happy Birthday Daily Tech!  There was something that has kept me always checking out Daily Tech this year.  Of sure, it is the news and slick items they put up but it was something else and today I realized just what it was … their love for Mathematics!
Now for those of you that either […]


iPod transmitter - cupholder friendly

Trinity  has a car FM transmitter for iPods that looks pretty cool.
It fits in your cars cupholder and allows you to listen to your iPod through the FM radio while providing a safe, stable environment for your iPod. There is also a 3.5mm minijack to stream music from generic music players.
It’s neat and costs about $55. 

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Dec 27th Experience Mobility posts

GPS Tuner V5.0

Author: Elrendhel
$34 for Standard (1Year Free Upgrades),
$24 for Basic (no Upgrades), and
$48 for GEO (Area calculation plus 1Year Free Upgrades).
Rating: 4.7 out of 5
The last “off-road” GPS solution you will ever need!

 GPS Tuner is THE application for any of the various “off-road” situations where you might find yourself needing GPS info, such as […]


Sony Altus MDR-D777LP Review

So you got a new music player for Christmas and now you’re looking for a nice headset to enjoy that rich sound.  Digital Trends has a nice review of the Sony Altus MDR-D777LP that you might want to read.
Sony’s recent unveiling of their new Altus headphones was met with the sounds of both fanfare […]


Toshiba to introduce the TS605

Rose Kim from AVING USA  posted this little tidbit on a new device from Toshiba, the TS605.  Targeting the younger generation with colors (pink and green) it is only 10.3-mm thick and features a 1.93-inch 260,000 color TFT LCD, 1.3M camera, and T-Flash memory card slot.
Although the color choice is not what I would […]


SAMSUNG’s Ultra Edition 13.8

The Ultra Edition 13.8 (Z720) is the thinnest HSDPA slide-up mobile with a slim 13.8mm profile. It offers the latest multimedia features and the best of mobility in a fast and slender design.
Powered by High-Speed Downlink Packet Access (HSDPA) for data transmission speeds at 1.8 Mbps - up to six times faster than 3G […]

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Dec 26th Experience Mobility posts

A Swarm of activity

Let’s talk about ”the social” but in a slightly different way than you think.
RMIT lecturer and University of Melbourne researcher Christine Satchell has come up with a pretty unique new design for mobile phones.
Called ”The Swarm”, it is being developed in conjunction with the Smart Internet Technology CRC. What will it do? Hopefully it will blend social […]


Got an EXTRA $15 Grand?

Of course you do especially with all that you saved from those terrific holiday sales that were going on prior to Christmas.  So with all that you saved you can now spend it on yourself and get a terrific packaged solution of a Media Center with home automation from Best Buy.
Yup, I can just […]


PlayStation 3 charity auction redux, hours left!

  This is your opportunity to get that PlayStation you wanted and at the same time help out with the Engadget Charity auction.
Just a couple of hours left to win our PS3 auction redux! Hurry over and get your bids in before it’s too late — too late being 11:59PM EST / 8:59PM PST tonight, […]


World’s Largest Skateboard Ramp

Being able to Experience Mobility can take many forms and this is one of them.  I’m not sure if he is carrying a mobile device with but but I wouldn’t be surprised if there was something up his sleeve or strapped to his arm.
Champion skateboarder Bob Burnquist is taking extreme skateboarding to a new level […]


The day after (cont.)….

… is as enjoyable as the day of!
 As wonderful as Christmas day was, today was just as enjoyable.  A long ride, heavy traffic and a few crazy drivers sometimes makes you wonder if you should have stayed home.  Spending the day with my family, my brothers family and all of his grandchildren (you see, my brother […]


A NEW Brother Compact Printer

Check out this new item from Brother.  It looks to be a pretty cool item to help you Experience Mobility while on the road.  The new compact A6 printer measures a mere 160×210×18.5mm and weighs 500g.
Compatible with a PC, Pocket PC 2003/2003 SE and WM 5.0, it has a 300×300dpi resolution, and prints at 20ppm and […]


The day after ….

What a day!  As always, it was just incredible spending the day with my family enjoying each others company, sharing a few gifts, sitting down to an awesome meal prepared by my wonderful wife, catching a little football in between the naps … turkey always makes me tired!
An afternoon and evening spent with friends has […]


$12.99 Linksys WTR54GS Wireless-G Travel Router

Want wireless when you travel?  Do you find that some of the places you stay have a connection to the net but you are forced to use a “hard wired connection”? found a really slick deal on that even gets better if you use Google Checkout.
If you got no problem with […]


The Five Best and Worst Things About Vista

Preston Gralla did a piece on Vista giving his thoughts.  Although I’m not necessarily sure I agree with all that he says, it is a pretty good article that gives you a flavor of what to expect. Hey, it is coming close to decision time for you so grabbing all the input you can to […]


Special Holiday Episode IV: Don Box and Chris Anderson

The folks at Channel 9 are at it again maintaining the tradition they established some time back.  This year, Don and Chris treat you to a “Vista” song (although it is questionable if it is inspired) for the holidays.
You can also go back in time and catch episodes I, II and III if you are in […]

Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas

It is a wonderful time of the year to spend with family and friends enjoying each others company and sharing your common beliefs.

Thank you for visiting Experience Mobility's blog. Check out the Experience Mobility website here at

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Dec 24th Experience Mobility posts

Where is Santa now?

It’s is hard to determine where he is but you know he is on his way … actually, he is closer than you think.
NORAD has organized a global tracking system which is absolutely accurate and will help you determine when you can expect Santa to arrive in your neighborhood.
So don’t forget to put out a drink and […]


Can "he" really do it in one night?

You bet he can!
Science of Santa Claus: Jolly Old Elf Really Can Deliver Presents in One Night, Says NC State Engineer
Don’t believe in Santa Claus?
If you’re skeptical of Santa’s abilities to deliver presents to millions of homes and children in just one night, North Carolina State University’s Dr. Larry Silverberg, professor of […]


Merry Christmas to All
Sunday, December 24th, 2006

This is always such a wonderful time of the year  filled with time honored traditions.  Take the time to enjoy your family, play with the kids, and treasure your friendships.
Thank you for visiting Experience Mobility.  May you and your family have a quiet, restful and joyous holiday!


Getting Used To Touch … Warner’s Perspective

Warner Crocker has a terrific article up on “Getting Used To Touch and Other Input Methods on the Asus R2H “
Warner’s never had a desire for touch … after all, he is an avid Tablet guy but he does see the benefits and has been seriously looking at a UMPC.  He has tried a few […]


80GB Zune Review

I guess size is important … depending on what you’re using of course.  A little earlier I posted about a very small Bluetooth GPS … small is important there … but now we see a 80GB Zune: Hands On Review over at ZuneScene that SlashGear had up and had said: ”A Zune upgrade that makes sense: 80gb” […]


MobileTechRoundup Podcast 83

This weeks podcast has a promise from Kevin on a Karaoke night when they go to Las Vegas … that might be enough to make you want to go to CES!
As usual, an interesting podcast with discussion on the HTC Athena,  Motion and Asus, Vista and EV-DO, and of course the latest Freeware they like.
I […]


Slim, Small, Light and Stylish

If size is important to you then this new entry into the Bluetooth GPS receiver market might be worth considering.  The Visiontac VGPS-700 is said to be the world’s tiniest Bluetooth GPS receiver … at the very least, it certainly is the shiniest!

SiRF Star III high performance and low power consumption chipset.  
20 parallel satellite-tracking […]


Sling Media for Christmas?

So you decided to give (or get) a SlingBox for Christmas?  Cool!  I expect it will be a terrific experience.  Just a reminder for those of you that do get a new SlingBox, check the version of the software.
Sling has been pretty good about posting updated versions on their web site and the latest […]

Dec 23th Experience Mobility posts

The heart of the Wii

Krunker caught a good story on the New York Times that talked about how the Nintendo Wii controllers work … from the inside.  Check out the NY Times link … interesting article and great pics!
The heart of the Wii

Ever wonder how the Nintendo Wii controllers work on the inside?
Check out this article over at […]


Wii Browses the Internet with Opera

The title didn’t get get me, it was the sub-title that caught my eye:
Warning: frantic Web browsing may endanger wrist straps
I laughed then I read the article from Daily Tech!
Following the new-found weather forecasting abilities given to the Wii, Nintendo’s new machine is now able to browse the Web with the new Opera browser […]


Well, it was Merry Christmas … for at least 4 hours

So I was driving home from Maine today and as usual I generally take a couple of stops on the way … gas … coffee … lunch …pit stop and as usual, at each stop, I peruse the net.  Hey, I have the time and I enjoy it so I sort of have a routine.
Well, […]


SoftMaker Office for Pocket PCs Updated

Just before Christmas, SoftMaker released a new revision of SoftMaker Office 2006 for Pocket PCs. This is a free update for all owners of SoftMaker Office 2006 for Pocket PCs, and they have already been informed.
This new revision offers bug fixes and an improved memory manager.
While this memory manager doesn’t solve all the problems caused […]


There is always someone trying to take your "stuff"

Police are urging visitors to the city centre to be especially vigilant for a new gang operating a slick routine that is aimed at stealing from unwary persons. They say that the gang usually comprises of four members.
While the three younger ones, all appearing to be cute and innocent, divert their “mark” (or intended target) […]


Astraware mobile site …

 … now with simpler checkout for Club Astraware members.
Astraware would like to wish you all a very Happy Christmas and Holiday Season! If you’re away from your computer over the holiday break and want to pick up a new game to entertain yourselves during long journeys, or even to share some fun with the […]


Last Minute Stocking Stuffer

M²Convert for Zune™
If you are looking for that last minute “stocking stuffer” and you’re giving the gift of a Zune to you’re “special person” then this might be worth looking at.  The price is right($29.99) and there is a trial version for this Zune Converter Software.
M²Convert for Zune converts DVDs and multimedia files from […]


For $99.00 - Not a bad device

Sansa c250 MP3 Player 2GB
Music, photos, and FM radio – and all in vibrant color! This MP3 player is simple to use, supports Microsoft PlaysForSure and is available in 1GB and 2GB capacities.
What I like is the FM built-in for when you just what to listen to “other” music.

Plays MP3, WMA, WAV and protected WMA DRM
By […]


Happy holidays with the Christmases

I just had to pass this link on.  It has nothing to to do with technology but rather a story about a real life family with a last name of Christmas.
It’s nice, it’s warm, it’s a pleasant item for the season.
Story Highlights

• Last name of Christmas is always “a conversation piece,” a family member […]


Mobile Mapping Goes Local … and FREE

In the book “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” by Douglas Adams, the main character, Arthur Dent, came into possession of a device that told him everything there was to know about how to get to a place and then everything about that place one he got there. This is the best way to describe this […]

Dec 22th Experience Mobility posts

DirectX End-User Runtime

The Microsoft DirectX End-User Runtime provides updates to 9.0c and previous versions of DirectX — the core Windows technology that drives high-speed multimedia and games on the PC.
Microsoft DirectX is a group of technologies designed to make Windows-based computers an ideal platform for running and displaying applications rich in multimedia elements such as full-color […]


Vista remotes - with SideShow

It’s been all over the net today and I had decided not to do anything with this item until a few minutes ago.  As I was checking my feeds, I saw the RicaVision Remote and all I could think of was that it would be a killer remote if it had Windows Mobile on […]


From Beavers to Snakes

The folks on the Windows Mobile Team were having fun doing these videos.  This poor guy had to endure alot!  The first video is the final product and the second has the out-takes. Enjoy!


Microsoft - always looking for something fun and different

The folks at Microsoft are always looking for something fun and different to promote and publicize Windows Mobile.
What they came up with was it’s a tongue-in-cheek look at how Windows Mobile makes it possible to work wherever, no matter what.
What I have found from my involvement with Microsoft is that not only are […]


PSFK: Interview With Hosain Rahman Of Jawbone

… (& Unboxing Video)
The hi-technology Jawbone bluetooth headset hit US Cingular stores today so PSFK sat down with founder Hosain Rahman to talk about his new product and the market needs.
Pretty interesting interview that is worth the read.  You have to decide if the unboxing was worth the watch …
Check out the PSFK: Interview With […]


New Charging Stations Unveiled at JFK International Airport

Travelers flying into or out of John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York will be able to power up their mobile phones, laptops and other electronic devices at Samsung Mobile Charging Stations. This initiative, driven by The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey and JCDecaux NA, Inc. along with Samsung, will […]


Spb Pocket PC Survey
Friday, December 22nd, 2006

Spb Software House has announced the results of the third “Spb Pocket PC Survey”, a global survey for Pocket PC users.
Here are some expected changes in accessories that people use for their Pocket PC devices:
* Fewer people buy additional WiFi cards (23% in 2004 vs. only 15% in 2006). This is an expected change […]


Microsoft Extends Xbox 360 Warranty to One Year

Shoppers can buy with added confidence this holiday season as Microsoft expands its warranty for Xbox 360 from 90 days to one year.
In a move to benefit customers, Microsoft Corp. announced today that it will change the Xbox 360™ warranty from 90 days to one year from the date of purchase in the United […]


CNET’s Year in review …

… Going mobile, in a big way 

CNET has put up an excellent page on 2006 Highlights that you might find interesting.  A series of articles that they had posted throughout the year highlighting mobile happenings that we have seen, heard about and experienced. 
In addition, there is a topic column with a series of items that […]


Spb Software House Releases Spb Diary 2.2

Spb Software House has released an update to their award winning Pocket PC PIM Today plug-in.
Spb Diary is a feature-rich Today plug-in for your Calendar, Tasks, Contacts, Notes and Messages providing users with the highest level of functionality and usability.
With this new release Spb Diary team answers all the most important users’ requests. Here […]

Dec 21th Experience Mobility posts

‘Tis the Season for New Freeware

Maybe it’s the holiday spirit, or leftover giddiness from the release of eWallet 5.0 last week, but Ilium decided today would be a great day to release another new product - and this time, it’s free!
Ilium Software Screen Capture is a fast and easy-to-use application that lets you take screenshots quickly on your Windows Mobile Pocket […]


Pandora - Listen to Custom Internet Radio Stations

I really enjoy listening to music especially some great country songs from Alabama so today I was particularly happy because Pandora added a new channel - Alabama Radio!  If you have never tried it, you should, its great!
When was the last time you fell in love with a new artist or song?
At Pandora Media they […]


New Maps from TomTom

Josh Goldman from CrunchGear posted a reminder to folks about TomTom releasing some NEW maps to help you Experience Mobility.  Josh indicated that:

The new maps feature 410,000 miles of new roads more than six million new household and business addresses, 500,000 new Points Of Interest, and improved road detailing for better visual representation.

To Catch A Thief

… just my thoughts
I love great movies and to catch a thief is one of my favorites.  It’s a movie that stars Cary Grant as a former thief suspected of a new series of crimes and Grace Kelly as the woman who romances him. If you have never seen it, you should … it […]


China has the RIGHT idea!

I saw a tiny little news item today on Everything USB that caught my attention.  It is a terrific move and hopefully will be followed worldwide.  What is are they going to do?
Make USB the Standard for Cellphone Charging!
China is moving to standardize all cellular phones sold in the country to using the USB […]


$100 at Cingular … not a bad deal, not a bad device!

Looking for another device?  Check out Cingular’s website for a 3125 for $100 … It’s a good deal and it is a good device.
Of course, with Windows Mobile you can have your Outlook e-mail, contacts and calendar with you ALL the time.
This is a VERY SLIM and SLEEK flip-style Windows Mobile powered smartphone and […]


Celebrate the New Year with a new smartphone!

Enter for your chance to win a Windows Mobile powered smartphone! From now to January 30th, 2007, a lucky winner will receive a choice of one of three Windows Mobile powered devices every week: T-Mobile Dash, Samsung BlackJack from Cingular, and Verizon Wireless Motorola Q. Start 2007 off right with a Windows Mobile powered device […]


FREE Holiday Ringtones …

… from Windows Mobile!
Ring in the holidays with free holiday ringtones.
Get six new holiday ringtones for your Windows Mobile powered phone, including Hot Chocolate, Sleigh Bells, Snowflakes, Charity, Below Freezing, and Black Ice by clicking on the link and updating your profile.
Happy holidays from Windows Mobile!


Opera for Wii

Opera Software today announces that a trial version of its Web browser for Nintendo’s new game console, Wii, will be available on December 22, 2006. The trial version of the Opera browser for Wii is available for download, free of charge from the the Wii Shop Channel.


Samsung - Always Something New

AVING USA has come up with some great photos of the Samsung ‘SPH-B5800′, T-DMB mobile phone supporting TPEG (Transport Protocol Experts Group) service as the first in the world.
The SPH-B5800 updates information about traffic, nice restaurants, or tourism every five minutes and provides them through T-DMB data channel. It shows a shortcut to driver’s destination […]


iKaraoké for iPodsday, December 21st, 2006

I saw on this morning that Focal will start selling in Japan the iKaraoke, a set including a mike and an FM transmitter to create your own karaoke wherever you are.
So if you have that secret desire to use karaoke with your iPod and NOT have to have that 2 drink minimum then […]

HP Acquires BitfoneThursday, December 21st, 2006

And just when you thought that HP was “slowing down” in the mobile device area they purchase Bitfone.  Does this mean that HP will re-emerge in the mobile device market as a leader? The plan is to  integrate Bitfone into the Handheld Business Unit of HP’s Personal Systems Group.  I have a growing sense […]

Dec 20th Experience Mobility posts

Wireless Headphones from Creative

 Two choices that can enhance your listening pleasure … wirelessly!
The Creative Wireless Headphones SL3100 is perfect for those who prefer listening to music with complete freedom. Utilizing Bluetooth® technology, enjoy the freedom to listen whether you’re indoors or outdoors. It is compatible with a wide range of devices, such as Creative MP3 players, stereo systems, […]


Happy Holidays Mac - Happy Holidays PC

I do like these ads - they are creative.  And now we have another that brings just a bit of class to the campaign.  I hope you like it too ….


HTC Athena Pictures - WOW!

Yesterday I made a post after I had seen a comment by Arne Hess where he had said “the HTC Athena might become the 2007 uber device” based upon an indication that the specs that were originally “leaked” were wrong and that the new specs showed a device that had incredible potential.
Today a few […]

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Dec 19th Experience Mobility posts

HTC Athena Specs Updated?

What was that old advertisement that when someone spoke everyone stopped and listened? Well, Arne Hess is passing on a rumor and when it comes from Arne, it is one that you want to listen to. 
So what did he find out?  It’s rumored that the specs that were initially given for the HTC Athena were not […]


Windows Vista Capable and Premium Ready PCs

So, is my PC going to handle Vista?  Am I going to have to upgrade to a NEW machine?  Questions that a lot of folks are asking and legitimately so.  So you machine flies now but will it crawl if you upgrade?  And what upgrade should you get?
It is time to think about it […]


SAMSUNG’s ‘Optical Joystick’ Phone

It is continually amazing to watch the ever increasing number of NEW cell phones all having some new feature to make it extraordinary.  Can you imaging someday getting a device that has all of these cool features incorporated … it would be quite a device.  In any event, Samsung has a new entry and […]


Merry Christmas Nortel from Verizon

And somebody is paying for this … I wonder who?  Nortel Networks Ltd. just landed a $2 billion contract from Verizon Wireless for CDMA equipment and related services … Merry Christmas Nortel!
The planned Verizon Wireless network expansion comes as business and consumer adoption of services that utilize broadband networks - such as the company’s V […]


Zune Insider : Zune Compatible with Vista: Today

Today a 22 MB update to make your Zune compatible with Windows Vista has been introduced. It is said that the update improves the Zune software installation process, addressing the issues that some of the known issues users reported.
You can install it via Microsoft auto-update, or go to to get it.
Source: […]


i-mate JAQ3 Preview

 The phoneArena Team has a preview of a pretty nice device from iMate.  
After the leading manufacturer of Windows Mobile phones – HTC – announced that it is planning to start selling models under its own brand name, I-mate whose entire line was comprised of phones manufactured by HTC turned to another manufacturer who will be […]


Still Looking for a PS3 or a Wii?

Toys ‘R’ Us says more PS3s, Wiis coming before Christmas
Today Toys “R” Us claimed they have “thousands” of Nintendo Wiis, and 6,000 PS3 units ready to be released before Christmas.

I’m not too sure how hard is to find these items when you are out shopping.  I was in Best Buy the other day […]


What a way to Experience Mobility

I saw this picture today on The Raw Feed and just had to pass it on. I guess this guy is truly trying to Experience Mobility but check out what is following him … YIKES!
You can read about Solar Powered ‘Trackable Clothing’ by clicking on the READ MORE below

Covert Asset Tracking Systems Ltd (C.A.T.S.eye) plans […]


HP Awarded Five-year U.S. Postal Service Contract

It’s not that I really wanted to pass on a press release, it was the fact that I was blown out with the fact that the US Postal service signed a five year contract … but then again, since HP shipped more than $1.8 BILLION of products and services from 1994-2006, I guess I can […]


TUAW Searches for iTunes: Free Tuesday

TUAW has searched and searched around the world and have found some FREE iTunes tracks, books and videos for you.  They say:
You’ll need an iTunes account in order to download any of these items, and those accounts are on a per-country basis.
Sounds pretty interesting huh?  Well, click the READ MORE below to get a little more […]


Sony Ericsson W44S

This is definitely the NEW style of phones that boast a slew of features.  I think there is an immediate comfort factor that is experienced with the design besides the fact of a “coolness” factor.
TechEBlog posted a story with a promotional trailer for Sony Ericsson’s stunning new W44S handset.  It is a nice looking […]


Zune Firmware 1.2 Released

A new Zune firmware has been released that improves the existing features.
Straight from the update: 
This required update will help enhance stability and performance.For devices being upgraded from Zune firmware version 1.0, this update includes the enhancements provided in Zune firmware version 1.1.

Dec 18th Experience Mobility posts

Orange France launches the m700

Jon Westfall from PocketPCThoughts calls it sleek, I think I would call it Slick and my buddy OttRot would definitely classify it as Sexy.
I have to agree with Jon when he asks if “Anyone else thinks it’s amazing how many Pocket PC Phones there are out there now compared to two years ago” … […]


Chainz for Pocket PC

Are you still looking for that special gift to give someone?  How about a gift certificate from Astraware?  It is a great gift and the person who gets it will pick the game they want of course you could give them a game that you like.
Chainz is a favorite of mine when I want to […]


Snowed In 5 - Flaked Out!

Diane Dumas from Smartphone & Pocket PC magazine reminded us of this little tid-bit that is FREE and fun.  Perfect for the season although we have not had snow here in the Northeast!
More Happy Holidays! This FREE game, now in it’s 5th year, features frosty puzzle graphics, fluid game engine, EASY and TIMED game […]


Resco Photo Viewer 6 … The Best Just Got Better

 I love it when I see other folks saying the same thing I say about a particular product.  RESCO products are simply the best.  Whenever I get a new device or re-do an old one, there are several RESCO products I put on first and RESCO’s Photo Viewer is one of them.
The folks over at JAMM […]


Continually Changing Time Zone Settings on Cingular BlackJack

Mike Temporale had and interesting post this morning about a minor issue he has been having with his Cingular BlackJack that he has been using for the past several weeks. 
Mike likes the device; he says ”it’s a great phone”, but he has been having an issue with Time Zone settings and I found it interesting […]



 As I was browsing the posts at the NEW ZuneThoughts today, I found a very interesting post that brought me over to Paul Thurrott’s SuperSite for Windows where I read a great article on the Zune. 
In part:
Stung by criticism of the marketing and functionality of its Zune portable media player, Microsoft this past […]


Rumors: Google and Apple sitting in a tree?

I thought that was supposed to end with “k-i-s-s-i-n-g”.  Well, in any event, the rumors are out there and some have been interesting to read but not really cool enough to post … sort of boring actually but then I saw Erica Sadun’s post and the image caught my eye as worthy to pass along.  […]


AXION - TV/DVD players

Daimaou, you find the slickest gadgets for being able to Experience Mobility!
AXION will start selling in Japan on December 20, 2 new portable DVD players, including the AXN5109TN which has a 10” display (800×480), supports DVD video, VCD, MP3 and MPEG-4 videos, and has an external 1Seg TV tuner. It weights 1.2kg.

The AXN6705T has […]


O2 XDA Apollo - Looks Good!

A picture is worth a thousand words … this looks really enticing!
It’s the memory (1GB ROM) as well as the looks!


Treo 750 appearing in Cingular?

Engadget reported this morning that we just might see Palm’s Windows Mobile powered Treo 750 soon … and in Cingular stores.  You will have to keep an eye open at your local Cingular store if you want to grab this baby before Christmas.

Dec 17th Experience Mobility posts

Ultra 2GB 150x Secure Digital Card at

This is a pretty cool deal from TigerDirect if you’re in need of an SD card. 
Ultra Secure Digital MediaSecure Digital (SD) Cards are designed for use in many digital devices including digital cameras, MP3 players, PDAs, cellular phones, camcorders, and much more. All Ultra Media SD Cards are tested and manufactured to the highest quality standard to […]


MoTR #82: late night in London

James, Kevin and Matt are at it again with Matt broadcasting from London … ah, technology at its best!
Some of this weeks topics are Vista on the Fujitsu P1610 … that is cool!
And Matt watched iPod movies on the trans-Atlantic flight with the myvu video goggles.
Of course, if after you listen to the podcast, […]


The HTC P4350 - A MoDaCo Review

MoDaCo has a review of the HTC P4350 up that is a nice read.  Overall, Paul, who had high hopes for this device has not been disappointed although he does point out a few negatives.
He likes its size, keypad and keyboard.  Of course it does have a terrific screen and he indicates that having WiFi makes it […]


Amanda’s Back!

 … and on ABC!
I’m pleased, NO, I’m thrilled!  I just saw on that Amanda is back and on ABC!
She is terrific and if you have never seen her, it is worth the look!  She made RocketBoom … now she will expand the ABC family!
Check out the new Amanda Congdon show here

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Amanda's Back!

 ... and on ABC!

I'm pleased, NO, I'm thrilled!  I just saw on that Amanda is back and on ABC!

She is terrific and if you have never seen her, it is worth the look!  She made RocketBoom ... now she will expand the ABC family!

Check out the new Amanda Congdon show here

Dec 16th Experience Mobility posts

Attack of the ‘Wiimote’ Hacks

Hackers have found their latest toy — the “Wiimote.”
The wireless, motion-sensing controller has made Nintendo’s new Wii game console this holiday’s gotta-have-it gadget. Wii’s games let the player swing the controller like a tennis racket or fling it like a fishing pole.

Check out this video then make sure you click the link below the video […]


A Slick SKYPE Special Offer

If you travel a lot and have access to a Wi-Fi connection, this offer from Skype is too SLICK to miss!  For the past year, Skype has offered FREE calling to the US and Canada using their  SkypeOut plan where  you can  use your computer to call any phone number, anywhere in the world.
It has […]


LG KE850 - Slim, Sleek and Sexy

This is WOW device for those of you that would like a device that is pretty much ALL screen!  It is said that the device has a resolution of 240X400, all touch screen control and as you can see, the send, end and confirm buttons are near the bottom occupying very little real estate.

More pictures […]

Dec 15th Experience Mobility posts

MMP MkIII - Tablet Edition

Being NEW to the “tablet” world, I am seeing a lot of really neat things that make your ability to Experience Mobility better and a great deal of fun.  Here is really neat MacMini Portable project that a fellow by the name of Peter Green did.  It’s definitely a cool project and in time, he […]


RhinoSkin - Slick Protection for your MacBook

This is a new and very slick means of providing protection for your MacBook.  

MacBook case in use with backpack straps and accessory pack
Openings provide access to CD/DVD drive, data ports, charger jacks and all other functions while inside the case
Double-hinged design allows cover to flip underneath

Durable ABS hardcase protection designed […]


You Can NEVER Be Too Thin or Too Light

CNET produced a great clip about organic light emitting diode (OLED) technology, and emerging technology for flat panel displays and white lighting applications.
This is the future!
via TechEBlog


Wii remote and goggles - SLICK!

This is very SLICK!  A simple glovepie script to control Goggles using the wii remote.
via: zedomax


Rumor - Rumor - Rumor: (iPhone coming Monday???)

The BUZZ is non-stop.  Could it be soon?  Is it what folks are hoping for?
Brian Lam from Gizmodo said:Gizmodo Knows: iPhone Will Be Announced On Monday
“I guarantee it. It isn’t what I expected at all. And I’ve already said too much”

Don’t you just love rumors? So did you like the picture? 
Check out these pictures […]


The Theme Continues …

… and why not … it is a popular device!
I like the color … I like the device … but it’s just in Korea (for now).
Engadget reported that Motorola’s KRZR has appeared in Korea with a “decidedly crimson appearance to its glossy outer shell”. Who knows, maybe we will see it here soon to satisfy […]


Wii Remote Wrist Strap Replacement

What a tough way to start a new product introduction … having a recall!  But at least they recognize an issue exists and they are dealing with it ASAP. Nintendo is offering to replace the original version of the wrist straps for the Wii Remote with a newer version.
Wii consoles shipped starting in […]


MIT Researchers Launch iFIND

MIT researchers unveiled a new social networking application that will make it possible for anyone on the Institute’s 168-acre campus to locate anyone else, via their laptop.
Known as iFIND, the new technology was developed by researchers in the Institute’s SENSEable City Laboratory.
iFIND will give all 20,000 members of the MIT community the ability to […]


Sascha’s Sentiments on the HP iPAQ hw6925

Sascha Segan from PC Magazine has posted his thoughts about the new HP iPAQ hw6925 which he says tries to be the ultimate traveling companion.
If you were looking for a device and were thinking about this one, my guess is that you would look somewhere else after reading what Sascha had to say […]


Your Cell as Your Wallet?

Apparently Cingular is testing a new service that allows you to use your cell like a credit card.  I guess it sounds like a neat idea but I do have some concerns about security in case you misplace (or decide to change) your device.
Cingular will be testing this service for up to 6 months […]

Dec 14th Experience Mobility posts

Skype for Windows Mobile 2.2 Beta

Thursday, December 14th, 2006

And from the Skype Forums, the announcement of the new Skype for Windows Mobile. 
I have not tried it yet … been a bit under the weather for the past several days so I have not been able to Experience Mobility at the rate I like too.  However, I will tell you that my tablet has […]

Microsoft & Sprint = Developer GREAT Deal!

I don’t need to say much about this but if you are a developer, this is a great deal and if you’re not a developer, I would consider becoming one…

Link to CallSprint - Microsoft Developers

Microsoft Introduces Windows MultiPoint

Geekzone had a terrific piece up today about Microsoft  introducing Windows MultiPoint, a technology enabling multiple users to share a single PC using multiple mice or other peripherals.
According to Microsoft, in a classroom of 40 children with only four PCs among them, 10 students crowd around each machine, while one student takes center position […]

Presents from Resco

It’s that time of year and RESCO is offering presents for all. 
Holiday Season Discount 30% off for Resco’s products.A time limited offer until January 01, 2007 when buying mobile applications from BUY button on own product pages.
Special Christmas edition of Resco Sokoban for desktop PCs available for free at

MusicJam - for your iPod

This was an interesting add on for your iPod that I saw at Krunker today.  It is a  new mixing and recording device for the Apple iPod called the MusicJam and looks pretty cool … I think its a little pricey at $229 but I imagine a little searching on the net might well […]

Consumers Click Through to Risky Sites

I have been a McAfee user for years and had been very pleased with the protection they have afforded me.  A new change in the software has brought some interesting results as I surf the web … sites that have ratings of possible infections for your computer.  You might want to read this piece by […]

The Samsung OneDRAM

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., the world leader in advanced semiconductor technology solutions, announced that it has developed a prototype fusion memory chip that can significantly increase the data processing speed between processors in mobile applications.
Samsung’s new fusion solution OneDRAM is expected to be specified in the design of handsets, game consoles and in other […]

Cingular Samsung Blackjack Review

Chris Leckness has written a fabulous review of the Samsung Blackjack that you will enjoy … possibly you will decide to switch your device after reading it.In part, Chris said:
Is this the Perfect Windows Mobile Phone? No, not yet, but it’s close. As with other “Smartphone” reviews I have written, I preface the entire […]

Dec 13th Experience Mobility posts

And let the upgrades begin ….

It’s nice to see that HP has put up a page on upgrading your new computer to Vista.  But be aware that your upgrade eligiblity is dependant on what HP or Compaq computer you purchase and Microsoft operating system is preloaded. Why do I think some folks will be surprised at what they will […]


Microsoft Robotics Studio - Very Cool!

The opportunity to work on and develop the technology and software needed for this application has to be an incredible opportunity for those fortunate to be part of the program. Can you imagine, go to work and play with toys … well, sort of!
Microsoft Robotics Studio Creates Common Development Platform for Robots
In the […]

Dec 12th Experience Mobility posts 2.1 Released

Free Competitor to Microsoft Office Releases New Version
The Community announce the release of 2.1, the latest version of the leading open-source office suite. With upgrades to its word processor, spreadsheet, presentations, and database software, the free software package provides an alternative to Microsoft’s recently-released Office 2007 product. 2.1 may be downloaded free […]


Hardcases Protect Apple MacBooks and MacBook Pros

Protect, Carry and Wear Your MacBook with RhinoSkin’s New Protective Cases
Just in time for the holiday season, RhinoSkin will be offering a new line of hardcases to protect Apple® MacBooks and MacBook Pros. The cases hit the market this month.
The RhinoSkin MacBook HardCases are the first in a new line of unique cases designed […]


A New In-Dash GPS and Multimedia System

Now this is SLICK!  I can imagine it in my car helping me to Experience Mobility as I travel.  The only feature I would love to see included is a Tablet OS … hmm, Motion Computing, this is a perfect adaptation for the LS800.
This incredible little device from LG is an in-dash all-in-one GPS […]


IBM Introduces Flash Memory Killer

Jay Wrolstad put up an interesting piece on a new and developing memory technology, Phase-Change Technology.  Still in development, if this technology comes to fuition, it could be huge.
It’s nonvolatile and runs close to the speed of RAM … interesting, huh?  IBM and two partners are developing the phase-change technology and are indicating that […]


Motorola Q Black

I wonder if RIM is going to go after Motorola and/or Verizon with their new introduction of the BlackQ … oops, I mean Motorola Q Black.  Maybe it is all in how you use the name BLACK.
In any event, folks that do like the Q and want it in BLACK can get it at […]

Dec 11th Experience Mobility posts

I think it’s a STRETCH but …

… evidently RIM believes it has a case in its suit over the “BLACK*****” name. 
Interestingly enough when the BlackJack came out, not once, not even a fleeting thought, a slight murmur, a wisp in the air, did I ever in the slightest fashion equate the name BlackJack with BlackBerry.
Does RIM now believe that […]


VaJa - More Choices - Better Cases

The holidays are almost upon us and if you’re looking for that special gift (even for yourself), check out what VaJa has to offer.  Here are just a few of the terrific products you can get.
Vaja’s latest and exclusive collection for iPod nano 2G

Choose your iPod Nano perfect match. Vaja i-Volution holsters allow full access […]


First Global Mobile Broadband Notebook PC in U.S

HP and Cingular Wireless announced the availability of the first notebook PC in the United States to feature built-in global mobile broadband capabilities.
The HP Compaq nc6400 Notebook PC with integrated Cingular Wireless UMTS/HSDPA-based technology allows business professionals to connect in more areas at broadband speeds to corporate networks, email and the Internet without […]


Confused Over Secure Digital Cards?

If you are then check out this nice article that Chris De Herra wrote.  It will explain the differences and compatibility between the versions of Secure Digital cards including the MultiMedia Card, MultiMedia Card Plus, MultiMedia Card Mobile, Secure Digital Card, mini SD, micro SD and SD HC.
Read it here at Chris De Herrera’s Windows […]


Fresh from jkOnTheRun …

… two podcasts for your listening pleasure as you drive to work!
OnTheRun with Tablet PCs #33
Marc  and James talk about the new Fujitsu P1610 mini-Tablet PC with the 8.9″ touchscreen that incorporates near perfect palm rejection technology.  There is a discussion for folks who are trying to install Vista RTM and there is a bi […]


Palm Begins Worldwide Marketing Campaign

New Campaign Illustrates the Power of What’s Possible on a Treo Smartphone
Palm, Inc. today launched a $25 million worldwide marketing campaign to generate mainstream awareness of and attract new users to the Treo smartphone line. The six-month campaign highlights Palm’s new Treo 680 smartphone and encompasses a fully integrated media mix consisting of print, […]

Dec 10th Experience Mobility posts

SuperTooth II – A Near Perfect Handsfree Solution

Hands-Free – that is clearly the “buzz word” that is appearing in virtually every state in the US. Today there are in excess of 20 states that have some form of legislation that restricts the use of cell phones and that number is growing. Out of necessity, many of us use some form of […]


Flash Animation - Very Cool!

This is what happens when Windows Paint gets a mind of it’s own.

via TechBlog


Belkin Zune Accessories

Belkin is certainly jumping on the Zune train with some neat accessories for you or better still, holiday gifts! 
The TunePower keeps the music playing even when your Zune player’s internal battery is drained….which certainly can happen after long hours of play time while you Experience Mobiliy on long flights, train rides, or hikes.  An added benefit […]


VoIP Bluetooth kit - from Sony Ericsson

Here is a new item coming from Sony Ericsson providing a simple way to chat with friends and family whe you’re on the road.  This baby comes pre-paired, so you just plug it in and follow a few simple instructions … interesting! 
The device is rated with 12 hrs of talk time and 300 hours […]


Better Than Apple’s Version

“I’m a Mac, I’m a PC — ZUNE REMIX” is an excellent spoof on the Apple commercial. 
As a matter of fact … it’s better!

Dec 9th Experience Mobility posts

Palm Visits The Bruins

I’ve been a Bruins season ticket holder for well over 25 years, I just can’t get enough hockey.  Win or lose, it’s always a great night out and usually it’s with my wife.  Frankly, I’m not sure who the bigger fan is …
We generally drive in early, have dinner at one of our many […]


XML Notepad 2007

Did you know that XML Notepad 2007 provides a simple intuitive user interface for browsing and editing XML documents?  It’s pretty slick!
Click on the link above to see some of the NEW and handy features!


Palm and MobiTV

For those Palm MobiTV fans, this says it all.

MobiTV is now available on the Treo 650, 680, 700p, and theTreo 700w smartphones and the Palm T|X and Palm Lifedrive handheld.


No Cradle for your PSP?

Marc Morgan posted a nice review about this Sony PSP Accessory that just might entice you to spend $10 and have a cool, functional cradle
In part, Marc had the following to say:

CoreGamer Rapid Recharger and Movie Dock for the Sony PSP
Many PDAs come with a cradle to recharge the PDA while it is held at […]


Unlocking your mobile phone - No Longer Prohibited

Matt Miller from had some thoughts on the recent ruling from the US Copyright Office.  In part, he said:
There has been quite bit of talk about this on the internet, but the ruling doesn’t state anything about requiring wireless carriers to unlock your phone. It just states that people who do so won’t be […]


Cordless Dual Phone for Skype - No Computer Required

Geekzone had a story today on RTX shipping a cordless dual phone for Skype that works without a computer … very cool.
RTX is introducing the DUALphone 3088, the first available cordless dual phone for Skype that does not require a computer.The DUALphone 3088 can be used as a normal telephone as well as for […]


The Blackjack … It is HOT!

There is no question that the NEW Cingular Blackjack is a “HOT” device and Cingular is playing it up BIG!  As well they should too! 
Chris Leckness from Mobilitysite said: “The new Blackjack … is so good that I bought one to keep for myself”.
Chris referenced a slick ad on Nov 27th and now […]


SA1F00B, the Kohjinsha UMPC

This was up the other day on and for some reason I did not post it.  There was something intriguing and yet it just seemed OK so I just decided to pass on it.  But I did find myself going back to the video a couple of times so I thought I would give […]


HTC P4350 Unboxing

Boy Genius got his hands on P4350 from HTC and it doesn’t live up to the hype and expectations.
It kills it!
There are the typical unboxing pictures which give you a flavor.  In part, he said:
HTC has included the little app that lets you tap the X to finally close programs instead of needing a 3rd […]


GPS for Sony PSP

Krunker had an interesting post today about you being able to turn your Sony PlayStation Portable gaming device into a portable GPS device with a new Sony GPS Receiver for the PSP.
Currently available in Japan, the new Sony GPS Receiver fits on top of the PSP expansion slot and is secured via a single thumbscrew […]

Dec 8th Experience Mobility posts

MoGo Mouse for the Holidays!

Mogo Mouse is available exclusively through their global network of authorized resellers.
MoGo Mouse, the revolutionary travel mouse that lives inside your laptop, has been taking the world by storm. Now, this amazing device is available worldwide through an even broader network of authorized resellers.
Whether you’re in Atlanta or Singapore, Rio or Rome, you can […]


Guide Dog - Definitely worth looking at!

According to the manufacturer - Power Digital Card - Guide Dog is the world’s first CE device featuring a 4 TFT LCD super bright touch screen, the world’s first navigation kit with a built-in antenna, the world’s first navigation device with 2D/3D gaming, and the world’s thinnest GPS device. We’re not sure if these […]


iriver S10 … Small and Stylish

Looking to add a gift to someones holiday stocking?  Check out this little MP3 player from iRiver.
Small. Stylish. The two words go hand-in-hand, and such is the case with the iriver S10, the smallest MP3 player on the market with a screen. Smaller-than-a-car-remote small.
… this small 2GB player will amaze your friends as […]


Skype’s Holiday Survival Guide

Skype Has the Latest Gear to Help You Stay in Touch with Your Loved Ones This Holiday and Help You Retain Your Sanity in the Process
The holidays are again upon us, and along with tidings of peace on Earth and goodwill toward men come those seemingly unavoidable holiday hassles. Skype, the global Internet communications […]


Disko nano - Case with Lights

Turn your iPod nano into a visual as well as auditory treat with a disko case.
Your iPod nano will light up and be the life of the party with multiple light colors and motion-activated lighting sequences.

Personal Light ShowDisko combines fun and functionality. It senses movement and responds with colored lights that blink and […]


Are You Thinking of Upgrading?

If you are, then maybe you should take a look at this Cingular 8525 Upgrade Guide: Should You Switch to the Best Windows Mobile Phone?
For our money, the Cingular 8525 Windows Mobile Pocket PC phone is the best Windows Mobile phone out right now. It’s pretty much universally agreed—by the Frankenreviewer—to be an […]


DiskGO Biometric Flash Drive

 Another USB thumb drive but this one has fingerprint biometric technology incorporated in it.
The DiskGO Biometric Flash Drive is the ultimate portable solution to securely store and protect information utilizing the latest in fingerprint biometric technology. Partnered with an easy-to-use interface, the cool one-piece design contains a unique sliding mechanism that protects the […]


Interesting Concept - Dual LCDs

I suppose with the recent advances in thin LCD displays, this is not an unrealistic concept. In theory, you could be looking at Experience Mobility on one LCD and Mobilitysite on the other. 
Hong Jeong, a Korean individual inventor, revealed ‘dual LCD mobile phone’ at Seoul International Invention Fair 2006, which is specifically designed to optimize mobile […]

Friday, December 08, 2006

Dec 7th Experience Mobility posts

An interesting day today.  Some neat items to look at.  I spent most of the day on a review that will be published in a day or so.  It is a near perfect solution for a hands-free bluetooth solution.

Come back and visit .. this review will be worth reading

USB Mouse Heater

I’m sitting here in Maine “surfing” the net and my hands are freezing.  Oh sure, I could move closer to the stove but I am constantly looking out my windows at the water … it just mesmerizes me. All of a sudden I just fell into this article over at Everything USB and it did spark an interest […]


Nintendo Wii Safety tips

I can see it now, the competition is stiff, your hands are getting sweaty and you need to get that last STRIKE to win.  In your haste to make that winning box, the Wii remote slips from your hand and travels across the room right into that brand new $3000 LCD TV … oh, […]


SimplyHeadlines - Simple, Easy, Unique

All The News That’s Fit For You! The Newspaper For The Extremely Busy.
Really Need Your News?Really Busy (or Lazy)?Always on-the-go?

Well then you just might want to check out this NEW free service that gives you the customized newspaper that you create and they deliver to your email every day.
You can read it on your […]


Brunton SolarPort 4.4 - Alternative Power Source

Looking for an alternative source of emergency power?  This device is designed for small electronics like PDAs, GPS units, cell phones and digital cameras and just might fill the void you have for obtaining power when in an emergency.  Check it out here.

The innovative SolarPort 4.4 offers an energy alternative to keep your cell phone […]


The Apple phone flop - A Perspective

Michael Kanellos wrote a piece today on the much anticipated Apple iPhone.  It is short so it’s a quick easy read and it is an interesting perspective … check it out here, I think you might find it interesting.
In part, Michael said:

So, anyways, Apple is slated to come out with a new phone. […]

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Dec 6th Experience Mobility posts

Chocolate -Windows Mobile - Smartphone -COOL!

Sounds good and is exciting for those that really like the Chocolate and want Windows Mobile (why would you want anything else).  Chris over at Mobilitysite posted a story today about the Chocolate LG phone.
LG is extending their chocolate phone series to Windows Mobile pocket pc phone with the introduction of KC1 for Korea. […]


Want the bottom line on Vista?

Preston Gralla wrote a piece on PC World that was interesting, informative and gives you a comfortable beginning into the world of Vista.  In part, Preston said:
It’s big, it’s ambitious, and it’s (finally) here. We give you the bottom line on what Vista does better than XP, where it needs improvement–and how to perform the […]


Adobe’s Flash Lite for Windows Mobile 5

Darius Wey from Pocket PC Thoughts picked up on a great add on for Windows Mobile 5 - Adobe’s Flash Lite 2.1
This is as Darius called it a “lightweight version of Flash for mobile devices” and from what I can see it is a slick add on to have on your device.
A standalone player […]


A Slick Arm - for your Tablet

This item peaked my interest when I saw it over at I gadgetell today.  Hmmm … I wonder how it would work with my LS800?
The EVO Tablet Arm is a floating docking station for tablet PCs and notebooks, allowing the user to create an ergonomic computing station at his/her primary desk. A gas spring […]


Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PCs To Get Support for Office 2007

With the rolling out Office 2007 this will be a significant upgrade and there will be an issue to consider; the file formats used will change significantly.
Ed Hardy talked about this today in a post that you should read.

One of the unfortunate side effects of this is that no current Windows Mobile device will work with […]


Can you believe this?

This is a heck of a ride to use if you want to Experience Mobility just as long as the temperature stays constant and COLD! 
A friend sent this picture that was taken at the Fairbanks Ice Festival.  I guess they really do get cold … Can you imagine the time it takes to carve […]


ShuffleBud Replaces USB Dock for iPod Shuffle

 I like this!  A simple better way to Experience Mobility with your device! 
If you bought the new iPod Shuffle, but didn’t go for the largish Shuffle dock or just want something more mobile than the iPod Shuffle dock Incipio has the gadget you want.
 The little adapter weighs a mere 5.6 grams, measures in at […]


Branch growing from your laptop?!

Sometimes Rose Kim finds the strangest accessories for you to Experience Mobility - OOOMS of Holland USB memory.  Personally, as “sorta cool” as these are, I think it might be a serious issue carrying it in your front  (or rear) pocket - OUCH!



Wii To Hit Europe December 8

Nintendo’s revolutionary new home console, Wii, launches across Europe on 8th December 2006 following huge success in America and Japan.
Wii totally reinvents the way people play games by replacing the standard Gaming controller with a new, unique motion sensitive controller allowing people to experience home console gaming as never before.
Around 23 new Wii […]


Adobe Reader 8 Released

Free Software Enables Greater Customization, Streamlines Trusted PDF Interactions and Facilitates Online Collaboration
Adobe Systems Incorporated today announced that Adobe Reader 8 software is available as a free download. Adobe Reader 8 enables trusted information exchange between enterprises, government agencies, constituents and consumers who view, print, search, digitally sign and collaborate with PDF files. Adobe […]

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Dec 5th Experience Mobility posts

Make sure you check out the first post of the day on Club Astraware. It is well worth while for some great games at terrific prices. My all time favorite is ZUMA ...and outstanding game that pumps the adreniline!

Club Astraware Offers Updated

A Zune with a 100GB drive?

You’re Laptop Won’t Boot …

Still looking for the perfect holiday gift?

ZYB - Manage. Share. Secure.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Experience Mobility - Alive Again!

Experience Mobility Lives and can now be found here

I hope you like the new look and will come back often to visit.

Because the move was not perfect, some items could not be transferred so we will maintain this "blog" to allow folks to search and find previous posts.

I will also use this as a place to have an occasional rant ....

So visit the NEW Experience Mobility, I think you will find it a great place to go.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Give Your New Shuffle A Burst of Color

Now these look slick and give that added protection that your Shuffle needs.

Accessorize your new iPod Shuffle with eye-catching colors that can change to suit your mood with new RhinoSkin Accents, the latest Apple accessory by RhinoSkin.

The iPod Shuffle Accents come in four colors – red, blue, green and pink – and are made from durable, lightweight aluminum with a high-polish finish to look good and provide access to your Shuffle.

The Accents slide onto the Shuffle for a secure fit and added protection. The neoprene lining prevents scratches and allows the Accents to fit the Shuffle like a second skin. The Stop Guard feature allows additional strength and alignment for a compact accessory with smooth edges.

The Shuffle Accent four-pack retails for $19.95 and will be available in December. Visit for more information on RhinoSkin’s Apple accessories.

About RhinoSkin

RhinoSkin (TM), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Saunders based in Readfield, Maine, has earned the reputation in the marketplace as being a producer of premium cases for mobile computing. These cases protect some of the biggest brands in the mobile technology industry.


Cingular Introduces Location Based and Navigation Services on Nokia Mobile Phones

 Geekzone had an interesting post on Cingular's NEW introduction of Location Based and Navigation Services on Nokia Mobile Phones.  In part, they had the following:

Cingular Wireless is introducing a wireless navigation system with 3D maps and "fuzzy search", based on TeleNav GPS Navigator running on the Nokia E62 device.

Using TeleNav GPS Navigator on the Nokia E62 device, customers will receive turn-by-turn directions while driving and view 3D moving maps on the device's high-resolution screen, which measures 320 x 240 pixels.

Just like an in-car navigation system, the 3D maps turn, move and stop as the driver does the same, while also displaying a realistic image of the streets the driver is approaching and streets they are passing. Users can also pan and zoom the map to view surrounding streets.

Read the Cingular announcement here at  Geekzone

Monday, November 20, 2006

NXP Semiconductors and Sony Plan Joint Venture

Creators of Near Field Communication Technology Team Up to Develop Secure Chips for Contactless Transactions

NXP Semiconductors, formerly Philips Semiconductors, and Sony Corporation have signed a memorandum of understanding to establish by mid-year 2007 a joint venture that will drive global adoption of contactless smart card applications in mobile phones. The anticipated JV will plan, develop, produce and market a secure chip that will include both MIFARE and FeliCa operating systems and applications, as well as other contactless card operating systems and applications.

By combining this secure chip with an NFC chip a universal contactless IC platform can be created for mobile phones. As a result, mobile device manufacturers and service providers around the world will be able to design products and services which are compatible with the different contactless IC protocols and operating systems that are already deployed in different countries. Therefore consumers will be able to enjoy multiple applications such as payment and transport ticketing from various service providers on one device.

Marc de Jong, Executive Vice President and General Manager, NXP Semiconductors, said: "This joint venture signals the evolution of interoperable mobile services, regardless of technology platform or geography. Combining MIFARE and FeliCa contactless technologies in a single chip opens a vast array of opportunities for consumers using the technologies, as well as for developers creating new applications for global markets. Soon service providers will be able to roll out great new services to end users on a global scale, ensuring a broad range of offerings to keep customers happy wherever they are."

Mr. Hiromasa Otsuka, Corporate Executive and SVP, Sony Corporation, commented: "With FeliCa, Sony has established a contactless IC business model whereby mobile phone wallet services are deployed in multi-application, multi-handset and multi-carrier modes. The new JV will introduce customers around the world to a new lifestyle where simply touching a terminal with a mobile phone gives access to a wide range of services. And it will contribute to Sony's vision of a network consumer electronics entertainment world."

NFC is a combination of contactless identification and interconnection technology that enables wireless short-range communication between mobile devices, consumer electronics, PCs and smart objects. NFC has proven popular in trials around the world. Its interoperability with MIFARE, FeliCa and ISO14443 infrastructures promises to make mobile phones become wallets and transport tickets.

MIFARE is the most widely installed contactless smart card technology in the world with about 1.2 billion smart card chips and more than seven million reader modules sold. Current shipments of FeliCa ICs stand at 170 million units and of these 30 million are mobile FeliCa chips for use in mobile phones in Japan. Sony is creating a unique business model for the use of contactless IC for mobile phones. NXP and Sony will individually offer chips and applications based on their respective technology platforms, MIFARE and FeliCa, while both companies will continue to develop NFC technologies jointly.

About NXP

NXP is a top 10 semiconductor company founded by Philips more than 50 years ago. Headquartered in Europe, the company has 37,000 employees working in 20 countries across the world. NXP creates semiconductors, system solutions and software that deliver better sensory experiences in mobile phones, personal media players, TVs, set-top boxes, identification applications, cars and a wide range of other electronic devices. News from NXP is located at

About Sony Corporation

Sony Corporation is a leading manufacturer of audio, video, game, communications, key device and information technology products for the consumer and professional markets. With its music, pictures, computer entertainment and on-line businesses, Sony is uniquely positioned to be the leading personal broadband entertainment company in the world. Sony recorded consolidated annual sales of approximately $63 billion for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2006. Sony Global Web Site:


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