Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Jan 31st Experience Mobility Posts

‘’Sprint Interception'’

Sprint, NFL Launch ‘’Sprint Interception’’ Wireless Phone Recycling Initiative at Super Bowl XLI Benefiting At-Risk Youth Through NFL Charities
12-Month Campaign to Culminate at Super Bowl XLII
Sprint and the National Football League have once again teamed up - this time to benefit NFL Charities, at-risk youth and the environment. Fans who attend Super Bowl XLI festivities […]

VaJa - Enabling you to carry your gadgets in style.

Carry your gadgets in style.
The Caddie collection delivers an unique look and full access to main functions while keeping your device secure. Available only for Motorola Razr V3 & V3i, Palm Treo 700 series and iPod video 30, 60 & 80GB, this collection also includes a very stylish Caddie Leather Bag.

Customize your […]

Windows Mobile flaws could crash phones

Joris Evers from CNET posted a story today on Windows Mobile flaws. He indicated that a security firm has found a pair of security bugs in Microsoft’s Windows Mobile which, if exploited, could crash phones and other devices running the software.
He also stated that the vulnerabilities lie in Windows Mobile Internet Explorer and Windows […]

ZINK has "cool" concept

Waltham, Massachusetts has a new startup called ZINK and they want to provide you with the ability to shoot photos and print them without ink.
Initially you will get only 2- x 3-inch color photographs with larger prints coming later. The images are created with a special head that uses heat to react with the special photo paper.
The price? […]

88 … and counting!

MoTR has another NEW cast up that you might want to listen to as you’re driving to work. This latest rendition covers a few new product announcements and the guys give their opinions on them.
Matt indicated that he wil have a review up on EV-DO Rev A. very soon … hurry up on that Matt!
You […]

USBTV from Sandisk

Sandisk is about to introduce a new USBTV … a very cool way to deliver video from your computer to your TV via a USB thumbdrive. Sound interesting? It did to me!
The dongle will have a lot of flash memory, a DRM-enabled video decoder and a video line-out … whew!
Sandisk will begin later this week picking […]

Workaround for a "Clean Install"

This is interesting … was it an error of omission?
Microsoft internal documentation reveals a workaround for Vista Upgrade DVDs with no need for a previous version of Windows
Just when everyone thought that all hope was lost when it comes to performing a clean install with a Windows Vista Upgrade DVD, a gleam of light […]

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Jan 30th Experience Mobility Posts

So you want colors do you?

How many of you have the “old” iPod Shuffle … you know, the boring grey one. So you saw all the new colors and wish you had one … well, how about having 4 colors and you get to choose the color of the day as well as provide that device some much needed […]

blue, pink, green, orange and silver

Lots of colors for a popular device!
Apple today announced that the world’s most wearable digital music player is now available in five brilliant colors: blue, pink, green, orange and the original silver. A hit with customers since its initial shipment three months ago, iPod shuffle is just half a cubic inch in volume, weighs just […]

Windows Vista upgrade guide - part 2

Chris Ziegler from Engadget has the second installment on a Windows Vista Upgrade Guide. This installment deals with hardware … it is a must read!
Microsoft hasn’t been shy in helping itself to generous new box-selling hardware requirements for Vista. Though the term “bloatware” comes immediately to mind, an argument could be made for a […]

Join the Club Astraware Points Party!

Club Astraware bursts into life this month with a Point-popping Party! Everyone can join in and get points for all kinds of things, from purchase to high scores to surveys and more! And what do points make? Free games and discounts from the Astraware store, that’s what!
The Points Party runs until the very last […]

Giveaway of the Day

Kevin over at jkOnTheRun posted this little tidbit and it is very cool. A giveaway of the day, everyday! So what is Giveaway of the Day?
It’s an initiative allowing you to get the best commercial software titles - for free. Every day we offer licensed software you’d have to buy otherwise, for free! Yes, we […]

fyiguy says CELEBRATE!

fyiguy over at BostonPocketPC says you can Celebrate Windows Vista Launch with an Ultimate Vista Celebration.
If you are unfortunately bogged down with work in the office and regrettably are not able to attend the launch event in New York City’s Time Square today you can still view the video here.
You don’t want to miss the […]

Seagate’s D.A.V.E. - is it your new best friend?

Matthew Miller seems to think so and based on the information he was able to pull together, I think so too! Evidently Matt was reading a Scoble post on the upcoming Seagate D.A.V.E. device and he believes it can solve all of his portable storage needs.
So what is D.A.V.E. (Digital Audio Video Experience)? It’s […]

Cute - A Miniature NEC Laptop Flash Drive!

Everything USB posted an item today about a miniature version of the NEC Valuestar type C laptop refitted with a Vista’s Readyboost-ready flash drive.
The folks at Everything USB liked the reproduction of the NEC Valuestar type C laptop. I guess they were impressed with the fine details on this 1/10 scale model.
I hope it works well!

Gomadic has a TIP for you

Gomadic Reaches Corporate Milestone: TipExchange Technology Now Supports over 1500 Devices
Gomadic Corp. has significantly expanded their TipExchange line of Chargers and USB data cables to support over 1,500 unique mobile devices. Gomadic also announces that their company is on track to achieve their stated goal of supporting over 3,000 mobile devices by the years […]

The Vaio UX-91 with Vista!

Daimaou from Akihabaranews has a nice video and some pictures of the Vaio UX-91 with Vista.
Now this is hot! We just received at Akihabara News the latest UX-91S with 32GB of SSD, a Core Solo U1500, 1GB of RAM and Vista. We’ll take a closer look at these and come back to you with […]

Bill Gates on the Daily Show

This is an excellent video! Enjoy!

HP Likes Boston

HP likes Boston! Recently, HP picked up the rights to the MoGo Mouse from a Boston company called Newton Peripherals and now it appears as if they are looking closely at another Boston Company called Boston Power.
Boston-Power is a lithium-ion battery company that provides unparalleled level of performance to battery systems for the portable […]

Zune: Gizmodo Likes It!

Jason Chen posted a story today about “How We’ve Lived With It For Three Months”. After its release, they decided to keep on using the Zune and now have a long term evaluation.
After nearly three months, their conclusion is pretty good … no, it is an excellent conclusion. In part, they conclude:
So would we […]

GPS PN-20 - from Earthmate

The new Earthmate® GPS PN-20 handheld mapping device is now available at This color screen handheld GPS receiver works with DeLorme’s superior Topo USA® 6.0 maps, satellite imagery, aerial imagery, and USGS quads. Perfect for outdoor recreational activities, the Earthmate GPS PN-20 map data types include trail maps, routable roads, and show real-time […]

Monday, January 29, 2007

Jan 29th Experience Mobility Posts

Should I upgrade to Vista?

I suppose that is a question that some are still asking and if you are then here are 15 Reasons to Switch from PC World. Preston Gralla has some pretty compelling reasons why he thinks you should make the jump … I think you will agree after you read his article.
1. It’s the Interface, […]

two years ago…

….Verizon Wireless passed on iPhone
Smart Decision!!
Marguerite Reardon reported that Verizon Wireless could have been the first wireless carrier to offer the Apple iPhone. However after long discussions with Apple they decided to pass on the idea. Why? Because Apple’s financial terms were too steep.
One of the big sticking points for Verizon was the […]

Windows Vista Launch - Dancing in New York City

During a ceremony to celebrate the launch of Microsoft’s Windows Vista, 16 aerial dancers scaled a building in New York City to create a “human billboard” against the Big Apple’s skyline.
To create the billboard, dancers moved across the exterior walls of the five-story Terminal Building, thus creating images of the Windows Vista and […]

Samsung Unveils the NV11

10 Mega pixel Model is the Fourth in Samsung’s Flagship NV Series
I keep looking for a new camera but I just have not quite found one that will meet all the requirements I want as I Experience Mobility … that is until I saw the NEW Samsung NV11. I hope to get more on this […]

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Jan 28th Experience Mobility Posts

CallWave Mobile - A FREE Service

Hear and respond to your cell phone messages
Use your PC and your cell to visualize your mobile phone voicemail on your computer. CallWave is a free service that sends a copy of your mobile phone message to your email, enabling you to:

Sort and prioritize messages from your email in-box - viewing caller names and message […]

6 Days with Leckness

So you have heard a lot about the Palm Treo 750 and probably you have read a few reviews but the real question is “what is it really like on a day to day use”? Chris Leckness from Mobilitysite has done several brief chronicles of his day to day experiences with the Palm 750.
I […]

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Jan 27th Experience Mobility Posts

HTC - "Mobile Office Device" UMPC

Engadget reported that HTC is preparing to launch a “Mobile Office Device” UMPC in 2Q 2007. They indicated that DigiTimes reported that HTC is aiming to release it during the second quarter of this year.
DigiTimes said:
High Tech Computer (HTC) is currently developing its second UMPC (ultra mobile PC), with the new product likely to be […]

Are you ready for an upgrade?

This is a very quick way for you to see if your current computer is ready. Click this link to run the Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor 1.0
Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor is designed to help Windows XP users identify whether their PCs are ready for an upgrade to Windows Vista, which edition of Windows Vista meets […]

Intel’s Transistor Technology Breakthrough

Intel’s Transistor Technology Breakthrough Represents Biggest Change to Computer Chips in 40 Years
Intel Producing First Processor Prototypes With New, Tiny 45 Nanometer Transistors, Accelerating Era of Multi-Core Computing
In one of the biggest advancements in fundamental transistor design, Intel Corporation today revealed that it is using two dramatically new materials to build the insulating […]

Intel’s New Transistor

Not since the late 1960s have computer chips seen as dramatic an improvement as Intel’s new 45 nanometer (nm) transistors, Intel Co-founder Gordon Moore says. As part of this new technology breakthrough, Intel has announced it will use two new materials to build the insulating walls and switching gates of its 45nm transistors.
Hundreds of millions […]

The Evolution of the Smart Phone

eWEEK Labs put together a little slide show on The Evolution of the Smart Phone that is pretty good.
Since the first combination cell phone-PDA device emerged from the primordial ooze, manufacturers have been trying to perfect the genetic code of the smart phone.

When you click on the link below, a page appears […]

Friday, January 26, 2007

Jan 26th Experience Mobility Posts

The JAQ3 – SLIM is IN!

Choices – Choices – Choices.
There are so many devices out there that it is often difficult to decide just what device is the best to fit your needs. No matter what device you pick, ultimately it has to perform the basic functions that you need and hopefully will have those extras that will reaffirm […]

… but it’s an Apple product

While at CES Chris and I paid a visit to bloghaus and yes, it was that noisy when we were there. There were all sorts of folks there chatting about a variety of different topics. Below is a video taken with Robert Scoble and a couple of “bloggers” having a discussion on the iPhone.
Robert, come […]

HP introduces a ‘twist and touch’

I saw this today over at AVING USA and I was liking it. HP announced the launch of their new HP Pavilion tx1000 entertainment notebook pc. It features a ‘twist and touch’ screen display and tablet functionality based on Microsoft Windows Vista operating system.
Powered by AMD Turion 64 x 2 mobile technology, HP Pavilion tx1000 Entertainment Notebook […]

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Jan 25th Experience Mobility Posts

1.8-Inch Hard Drive With 60GBs on a Single Disk

Samsung First to Introduce 1.8-Inch Hard Drive With 60GBs on a Single Disk
Samsung Electronics Ltd. has introduced the world’s first 1.8-inch hard drive with a 60GB(1) per disk capacity and a super-slim form factor that is just 5-millimeters tall. Samsung’s sleek new 1.8-inch N-series features 20GB, 30GB, 40GB and 60GB per disk capacities — […]

The iPhone is No Smartphone

Apple’s iPhone was the talk of the town after its January 9 launch. Industry observers were by and large impressed with the new device, praising its user interface, innovation, and seamless integration. But two senior ABI Research analysts — wireless research director Stuart Carlaw, and principal mobile broadband analyst Philip Solis — point out […]

MobileTechRoundup 87

James, Matt and Kevin are back from CES and have another great podcast. This weeks “cast” covers a myriad of topics like the “hot” new Nokia N800, the OQO (now a UMPC??) and Zune squirting (????). Yeah, you have to download this baby just to find out what “Zune squirting” is.
You definitely want to hear […]

Samsung i607 BlackJack Smartphone - 10 bucks!

You keep hearing about the BlackJack but you just didn’t want to spend the cash for another device … well, check this deal out at Amazon.

10 bucks and maintain this new line of service with the selected rate plan in good standing for a minimum of 181 consecutive days … not bad!
Check out the Samsung […]

Palm Brings Microsoft’s Direct Push Technology to Palm OS Based Treo Smartphones

Treo 680 and Treo 700p Smartphones Now Offer Businesses Automatic Updates of Email, Calendar and Contacts with Enhanced Security and Manageability
Palm, Inc. announced availability of Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync® Update for Palm OS® devices for the Palm Treo 680 and Treo 700p smartphones. Palm OS based Treo smartphones have long been able to use Exchange […]


So you want GPS on your handset? There is another player entering the market.
MobileWhack showed us today the newest GPS enabled handset, the ASUS P735. It is a 3G version of P535. They indicated that not much was known about its features but that it did support UMTS, lacks a keyboard, includes a miniSD card and has Bluetooth […]

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Jan 24th Experience Mobility Posts


As millions of PC users await Microsoft’s latest operating system, Laplink’s best-selling migration utility is now available for moving into a new Vista PC.
Laplink® officially released its Vista-compatible version of PCmover®, the best selling migration utility in the world – and the only utility that automatically moves programs as well as data files and […]

Alltel Wireless - Palm Treo 700p Smartphone

Mobile Professionals Increase Productivity with Faster Connection Speeds and Enhanced Usability
Alltel Wireless and Palm, Inc. announced availability of the Palm® Treo(TM) 700p smartphone. The Treo 700p offers hardware and software innovations centered around usability, connectivity, multimedia and compatibility, designed to take advantage of the fast data speeds of Alltel’s Axcess Broadband network.(1)
“The Treo 700p adds […]

первое знакомство - say what?

Yeah, I couldn’t read either but I sure could drool over the pictures and they are all about the HTC X7500 (Athena)!

So do you like what you are seeing? There are plenty more at so wander on over, scroll down and take a peek. I wish I could say more but … hey, […]

New Nintendo Wii Remotes?

MobileWhack reported today that the Japanese gaming site Game Lab has indicated that Nintendo is working on some new Wiimotes.
The new remotes are rechargeable and will be designed to hopefully stay in your hand. Color seems to be part of this newly redesigned remote … tis only a rumor but if it’s true, they look cool!

PlayStation Portable - System Update

I missed this update that was made available on December 21, 2006. but when I saw it today I thought I’d just post it in case others might want it for their PSPs.
System Software Update
The PSP® (PlayStation®Portable) system software update may include security patches, new or revised settings and features and other items, which […]

And I thought A707 was a plane…

… but it is also a Samsung device that is Painted Red for Valentine’s Day
Nicholas Deleon posted a story at Gizmodo indicating that the Samsung A707 is getting a nice coat of red paint just in time for Valentine’s Day.
There are NO Changes other than the color … 2-megapixel camera, HSDPA, a variety of audio file […]


It looks like The Boy Genius Report has one it again with some very clear pictures of the HTC Vox and they have more for you to drool over too!
Apparently they just got some great pics in their mail box so head over to take a gander at this SLICK looking device. HTC moved the spacebar […]

Free 3D Golf Game from Microsoft

Did you know you can receive information that best fits your needs when you update your profile? Just got your new phone? You’ll get articles to help you get up and running with your device in a short period of time.
For more advanced users, Microsoft will show you how to better use your device for both […]

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Jan 23rd Experience Mobility Posts

SEAPORTAL - A Boston Experience

-The First Hotel in the Country to Offer This Complimentary Amenity -
The AAA Four Diamond Seaport Hotel has unveiled Seaportal, a new, in-room interactive web portal, designed to enhance the guest experience by providing personalized services and features “on demand” through a touch screen computer.
Seaport […]

HTC Athena - T-Mobile will call it the "Ameo"

How sweet is this? And yes, this device will be HOT … HOT … HOT!
Engadget had the following information:
Move over, Universal, there’s a new sheriff in town. The Athena from HTC is finally starting to make some public appearances in carrier livery, and we’ve gotta say, T-Mobile Pink is suiting this thing just fine. Specs for […]

Set your CE Clock in 2007

The Energy Policy Act of 2005 was passed to help alleviate energy concerns across the nation. One part of the act that will affect computers is the extension of Daylight Saving Time by four weeks. Instead of changing to Daylight Saving Time on the first Sunday of April, it will now begin on the […]

Spb Brain Evolution - An AWESOME Experience

I’ve tried it, I like it, it makes you think and keeps the adrenine running …
Spb Software House has released Spb Brain Evolution, one of the most intelligent games for Pocket PC.
By using Spb Brain Evolution you can improve your mental awareness, and maintain brain fitness. Use this game for everyday training and you will […]

5 Creative Uses for the MacBook

I couldn’t pass this up. TechEBlog had a post today on 5 Creative Uses for the MacBook that were so good I just don’t know why Apple doesn’t incorporate them in their Mac/PC ads … maybe they don’t eat eggs for breakfast!
In any event, there really are a couple of “neat” uses and a few brief […]

… and for those of you that golf

… GPS Industries has Introduced Another First in Golf Technology
PGA Tour Style FlyOvers Now Available on the Company’s Patented Inforemer-HD(TM) System
GPS Industries Inc. announced that the Company’s Inforemer-HD(TM) cart-mount display panels now feature full-motion flyovers. Long recognized as offering the most vivid and detailed graphics in the GPS industry, the Inforemer-HD(TM) system has introduced […]

Monday, January 22, 2007

Jan 22nd Experience Mobility Posts

Unicon MCopy: USB Mobile Command Center

Alan Henry posted about an interesting accessory on Gearlog that definitely peaked an interest for me. The concept of this device is to copy data from pretty much anything to anything else. How cool is that?
With MCopy you can transfer any files, music and pictures between any device that has a USB port or cable. For example: […]

Kevtris 2.0 and Other FREE Stuff!

Jessica Dolcourt had a nice piece up on C/NET about the BEST FREE SOFTWARE for Windows Mobile. In part, Jessica said:

You think you like your Pocket PC or Windows Smartphone now, but when you see our collection of best free software made just for the portable operating system, your heart will beat a little faster. […]

Windows Vista Expected to Generate $2 Billion in New Revenue for Massachusetts IT Industry in 2007
Microsoft operating system expected to drive 5,000 new jobs in Massachusetts.
Considering that I spend half my time here, I was pleased to see this item appear for the folks in Massachusetts. Who knows, maybe a few Patriots will be looking for a job soon ….
Massachusetts’ IT industry is expected to experience a significant financial […]

Nokia Wins WCDMA 3G/HSDPA Network Contract From U.S. Army

The United States Army has awarded Nokia a contract to build a WCDMA 3G/HSDPA network. The deal will allow the Army to evaluate potential applications for 3G wireless technologies for defense purposes.
Under the contract, Nokia will supply a WCDMA/HSDPA (High Speed Downlink Packet Access) network of equipment and services. The network will be installed […]

Miami Beach Deploys Mobile Severe Weather Alerts

Location-Based Alerting System, Powered by the WeatherBug Network and Sprint Nextel, Helps Ensure Public Safety at the City’s Beaches and Parks.
The City of Miami Beach is the first city in the country to equip lifeguards and park and recreation staff with a location-based wireless solution that sends alerts when severe weather conditions threaten public […]

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Jan 21st Experience Mobility Posts

Windows CE vs. Windows Mobile

PsionAndy from Mobilitysite posted a nice item today on What’s the difference between a Windows CE device and a Windows Mobile device?
Clearly an area that many (if not most) do not have the slightest clue about and this little piece gives some great understanding. Mike Hall did a great job in giving a brief […]

The Three-year Plan - Will it work?

I believe it will and if you read what Evan Blass had to say from Engadget, you just might tend to agree.
Evan’s article, Can Europe start dreaming about a brown (Zune) Christmas?, was short but it was his final comment that will make you think twice…
…but just remember how several years ago some people thought […]

PocketPicture 2.2

PocketPCFreeware has posted another cool application for those of you that are aspiring artists. PocketPicture will release that inner creativity while you are out and about.
It has following tools:
- Pencil, brushes of different width, gas brush and blur brush - Selection copying, moving, resizing and cropping Lines, ellipsis, rectangles - Flood fill - Undo […]

Tweaks, Tips, and Tricks for Windows Vista

Thinking of getting Vista? Here is a little tip - actually 10 tips that just might make your experience just a little better.

Chris Pirillo has posted his Top 10 Tweaks, Tips, and Tricks for Windows Vista that you might want to bookmark for when you finally get your copy up and running.

Pictures of the US700W

Steve over at The Carrypad UMPC has received the OK to post a set of US700-series images in his gallery. These are some nice views of this soon to be released UMPC (actually, not too soon, we have to wait until Q3).

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Jan 20th Experience Mobility Posts

Vanishing Point - The Game

Clues Discovered on Famous Structures Around the World
From San Francisco to Berlin, thousands play the world’s largest puzzle to win a trip to space.
To celebrate the upcoming consumer release of the Windows Vista™ operating system, Microsoft Corp. and AMD have launched “Vanishing Point,” the largest puzzle game in the world. While many clues have […]

HP iPAQ rw6815 Personal Messenger

TrustedReviews has a short review of the HP iPAQ rw6815. Overall the impression you get is that it is just OK. In part, they say:
In fact, ‘could do better’ seems like a fair overall judgement on this device. It is a comfortable Pocket PC to use, and not too bulky to carry around. But […]

Treo 680 Camera Update

Palm has identified that the Treo 680 device can experience reduced battery life when the camera is used. The camera may continue to draw power from the battery when the device is in standby mode. Treo 680 users should install the Treo 680 Camera Update to address this issue.
Question: I recently bought my […]

Friday, January 19, 2007

Jan 19th Experience Mobility Posts

StyleTap for Windows Mobile Smartphone

The folks at Brighthand posted that a preview version of StyleTap for Windows Mobile Smartphone was Now Available if you have a strong desire to run Palm OS programs on your Smartphone.
StyleTap for Windows Mobile Smartphone lets many Palm OS applications (including multimedia applications and games) to run, unmodified, on any device running Windows […]

Palm Treo 750 - $99.99 Special Deal

Thanks to one of Mobilitysite’s readers, we were able to get this terrific tip on Palm Treo 750. has the Palm Treo 750 Smartphone (Cingular) for $149.99 right now plus a $50 rebate … that’s right, $149.99 - $50 = $99.99
palm Treo 750 Smartphone (Cingular)
List Price:$899.99
Price:$149.99(when purchased with new service plan)
You Save:$750.00 […]

Just a little more with Jeff (and Phil)

Here is just a little more to give a taste of the future with Jeff Han and Phil Davidson demonstrating the multi-touch driven computer .
(Click on the video screen below to start watching)

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Compared to this, the iPhone is a toy

Gizmodo put up this very cool item on an experimental touchscreen that shows just where we might be going … sooner than you think. Clearly, the iPhone touchscreen interface is very cool but what if there were an infinite number of points of contact?
Jeff Han believes that this new technology will dramatically change computing as […]

AT&T To Introduce Unity Package

AT&T is about to introduce the AT&T Unity package. This new package will allow its AT&T cellular customers to call any AT&T landline customer without incurring additional fees and of course, you will not use your minutes. This new package extends the calling options for what AT&T likes to call its “community.”
Interested? You will need to have AT&T wireless service as […]

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Jan 18th Experience Mobility Posts

It does look cool … Vista Remote

The more I look at it, the more excited I am about the release of Vista and the excitement is not just for the new OS but for all the cool things that will be coming to make the experience even better.
Check out this Philips Vista Remote … very nice!

Model: SRM7500
Availability: first quarter 2007
Product […]

Price cuts on Apple iPhone? …. likely!

Michael Kanellos a Staff Writer for CNET posted an interesting piece on price cuts on the iPhone. With what is believed to be a component cost of $229 and a total cost to manufacture of about $245 for the $499 iPhone, there is a lot of room to drop the price.
There are similar costs […]

Don’t You Just Love Competition?

So you want a new device but just not enough cash in reserve to take the plunge? It might well be the time to check out Verizon … prices are falling … dramatically.
Verizon has turned the heat up a bit on Cingular by cutting its prices on several devices and I would expect there […]

Spb Software House Opens Spb Club

Spb Software House, the leading Pocket PC software developer, announces a new website called Spb Club ( The idea of this website is to provide Pocket PC users with quality content they can use to empower and personalize their Pocket PC:

Free ringtones
Free Pocket PC themes
Free SMS-tones
Free skins
Free UniThemes
Free tips & tricks
And information about Pocket […]

Rubik’s Cube … A Comeback?

MobileWhack posted an article today on a Rubik’s cube MP3 player. Not sure if I’d buy one but it did bring back memories of those countless hours of trying to solve the puzzle.

Rubik Cubes, for those of you that haven’t been paying attention to pop culture, are hot again. Innovative designers are trying to […]

Ballmer’s Thoughts on the Apple iPhone

Steve Ballmer gives his thoughts during a CNBC interview on the iPhone … very interesting.

Thursday, January 18th, 2007

LG Electronics (LG), a pioneer in consumer electronics and mobile phones, and PRADA, one of the world’s leading brands in the luxury goods industry , unveil the first completely touch screen mobile phone. The PRADA Phone by LG (KE850) is a real breakthrough in the industry, as it is a unique, sophisticated and elegant […]

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Jan 17th Experience Mobility Posts

Mobility Guys #10 - The lost Episode

… and I still forgot to post it. Well, here it is and we hope you like it.
We are trying to get the time for all of us to be free at the same time … truly a difficult task, but we are working on it. #11 is done, we just have to get […]

MobilitySite Video First Look - JAQ3

Chris over at Mobilitysite has a video 1st look at the iMate JAQ3 that you should enjoy.
Chris says:
The i-mate JAQ3 is a new Pocket PC Phone that is very similar in style and size to the iPAQ 6900 series. This doesn’t have a built in GPS receiver though. I haven’t used this phone yet, […]

A first look at the world’s thinnest Pocket PC Phone

Matt Miller has posted his initial impressions on the JAQ3. Soon to be available in the United States, I think this will become a popular device. What makes me curious about this device is its size as well as AKU 3.2 and TI OMAP850 200 MHz processor I would expect performance to be terrific.
The […]

Confused about AT&T and Cingular?

Stephen Colbert explains the whole AT&T thing! and I am absolutely sure you will laugh!
This is a MUST WATCH video.

HTC Cavalier - Slim, Sexy and Postponed

The Boy Genius Report - Unboxing:HTC Cavalier
A very neat looking device that is certainly will spark an interest with some but apparently there has been memo sent to distributers indicating that the device is postponed. Oh well, at least you can drool over the pictures from the BGR Unboxing. Hmmm, I wonder if the postponement […]

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Jan 16th Experience Mobility Posts

Samsung SGH-F500

A picture is worth a 1000 words and a video is often worth more. You want to watch this video of a SLICK NEW SAMSUNG device, the SGH-F500.
This Samung phone features a 2.4-inch TFT display, 2.0-megapixel camera, 400MB of built-in memory, microSD card slot, Bluetooth w/A2DP, a media player, and USB connectivity.
via TechEBlog

A Public Service Reminder From MobilitySite

Chris has indicated that the email he got referencing the Do Not Call Registry was false and that there may be no need to follow the directions to place your name on the Do Not Call list.
Interestingly enough, I have had two calls to my cell that were “spam”. Granted, they are far and […]

Judie Reviews the i.Tech Virtual Keyboard

Judie over at Gear Diary has a nice review of The The iTech Virtual Keyboard (VKB) that I think you will enjoy. Sometime back I wrote a review of this keyboard and was very pleased with my ability to seasmlessly enter text into my iPAQ.
Judie says:
This past month with the i.Tech Bluetooth Virtual Keyboard has […]

Best of CES - The "Sansa Connect'’

SanDisk Wins Two “Best of CES’’ Awards for Hottest MP3 Player–The “Sansa Connect’’–at 2007 International Consumer Electronics Show
Wi-Fi Player will Allow for PC-Free Subscription Music, Streaming Internet Radio and Photos on the Go
SanDisk Corporation announced the Sansa Connect–a Wi-Fi enabled MP3 player that lets consumers enjoy and recommend music from almost anywhere–won two “Best […]

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I can’t read it …

… but I can see it and they continue to look good!
Sony will be releasing by the end of the month 3 new UX models, all with Vista and they look very intriguing. The UX91S, UX91NS, and UX71 all run Vista and vary in price depending on configuration. I’m sure we will get more information soon but […]

Monday, January 15, 2007

Jan 15th Experience Mobility Posts

CES - Big, Exciting, Overwhelming and Fun

It is virtually impossible to see all of the exhibits at CES unless you go there with a team of folks, each with a pre-defined role on what they will cover. This year I wanted to walk the floors, see as much as I could and try to absorb the incredible array of electronic devices that […]

3 NEW Introductions from Globalsat

Globalsat is starting the year off with three cool new items. The Globalsat GV-370 which is a new personal navigation device that will provide door to door navigation with voice guidance, 2D and 3D map views, and an integrated mp3 player and photo viewer.
In addition, they introduced a new Bluetooth GPS receiver that has TMC capabilities. Called the […]

A White Pearl for $150

Sound good? It does to me (if you’re a Blackberry fan).
T-Mobile is launching a white Blackberry Pearl today according to Engadget Mobile. They are reporting that you can expect to pay $150 with a 2-year service agreement.
via Mobilitysite

ASUS launches its GPS-enabled UMPC ‘R2H’

ASUS has introduced its UMPC ‘R2H’. It has a 7 inch touch screen and comes with Windows XP Tablet PC Edition OS and Microsoft touch pack software.
Although it has GPS capability it only has a 1.3M camera which I find disappointing. It does support 802.11b/g WLAN and Bluetooth V.20+EDR .

CPU Intel Celeron M 900MHz (ULV / low […]

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Jan 14th Experience Mobility posts

The Colbert Report on Apple iPhone

OK, there have been a lot of items on the iPhone … hey, it is BIG news and it is a cool looking device. 
So here is a little more for you to watch … after all, it is Sunday.


YouTube - SNL - Steve Jobs iPhone

Ok, I’m convinced!  After seeing this Steve Jobs SNL Video, this has to be the device we all need!  What convinced me?  It was the iGenie feature!


Techronical - A NEW Launch - A Must Read!

Steve “fyiguy” Hughes has launched Techronical, a new website that will be a chronological log about Steve’s journey with technology.  Of course, this site will be filled with many of fyiguy’s hands on tips and tricks that will make your ability to Experience Mobility with your hardware and software a little easier.
Check it out … see some […]

Jan 13th Experience Mobility posts

Thoughts About the iPhone at Gear Diary

Judie over at Gear Diary has some personal issues with the iPhone.  She expressed a concern that they may or may not be relevant to anyone but her …  Judie, they are relevant, they are a HUGE concern, and if Apple does not address them the iPhone is doomed for failure.
So what were Judies […]


The "Dapter" by MoGo Mouse

So your laptop does not have Bluetooth?  This is a solution that will solve that problem and you won’t even know you have an adapter plugged in (almost).  This is an incredibly tiny adapter that seamlessly blends into the side of your laptop and looks as if there is nothing there.  You will slide […]


No Plans to Commercialize the XO Computer

As much as I understand the reasoning behind this move, I hope there is a reconsideration given to those parts of the US that are extremely poor so those kids will also be given the opportunity to have access to knowledge and modern forms of education.
One Laptop per Child (OLPC), a non-profit organization with […]


The Onyx phone - packed with features

If you want to look at innovation then check out this video that was conducted by ZDNet Executive Editor David Berlind as he speaks with Synaptics’ Sr. Director Mariel van Tatenhove.
Now this is a very cool and  innovative touch screen concept phone that has HUGE possibilities. You can see the video here at CNET
Of […]


Synaptics Onyx concept phone demo - Jack’s story

I would like to say that this Jack was the one who had the opportunity to do this demo but it was not.  This is a video that Jack from SlashGear did.  Although the video was done quite a while ago, it is appropriate to bring it back to life to reinforce the technology that […]

Jan 12th Experience Mobility posts

The NEW AT&T begins on Monday

Just a reminder for folks that on Monday you will begin to see the AT&T logo replacing the Cingular logo.  For a period of time, there will be a transitional graphic that will include both the AT&T and Cingular logos. I assume they will keep up the dual graphic for a short period and will transition into the […]


Initial Thoughts on the Apple iPhone

DonS over at BostonPocketPC posted a compelling article today on his initial thoughts about the new Apple iPhone.  It was well written and well worth the read.
In part Don said:
The iPhone has the potential to be a runaway hit. Notice the word potential here. I don’t consider raw number of gross units sold to be […]


Beauty is Just Skin Deep …

C/NET had an article entitled “ A heavy load for the iPhone to bear ” that I thought was pretty interesting in the ongoing discussion of the new iPhone.  The more and more I read, the more I am convinced that this is NOT going to be a hit in the business end … it […]

Jan11th Experience Mobility posts

Heading home …

CES and Las Vegas was a terrific experience this year filled with just an incredible list of things to see, do and enjoy.  I am a bit tired … long days! 
I’m off to the airport so I expect I’ll be back on a regular posting schedule tomorrow. 
A very special thanks to Chris Leckness […]


Apple Intros New AirPort Extreme with 802.11n

Five Times the Performance and Twice the Range.
Apple introduced the new AirPort Extreme, a simple and elegant wireless networking solution delivering up to five times the performance and twice the range of the previous AirPort Extreme. Based on 802.11n, AirPort Extreme extends a wireless network to even more areas in a home or office […]


So if you really want it …

 … and want to be notified that it’s available then you can sign up on the Cingular page and they will let you know.
(of course, by the time it appears it may well have a NEW NAME)
Click this link to sign up to be notified by Cingular Wireless on the iPhone availability.
via Mobilitysite


Philadelphia Tests New Wi-Fi Network

EarthLink is kicking off a service that will give Philadelphia residents, workers and visitors an opportunity to try on its EarthLink Wi-Fi product free-of-charge through January 21, 2007.
Available to consumers who live, work or visit EarthLink’s 15-square-mile proof-of-concept (POC) area, which extends east of Broad Street and north of the Vine Street Expressway, EarthLink […]


iPhone … potentially the iFlop

The articles are starting to surface, facts are beginnng to become clearer and my initial thoughts that “It looks “pretty” but I’m not particularly impressed” are being reinforced.
There is no question that it looks slick (don’t you agree there Steve?) but slick is not going to make it for those that want a device that […]

Jan 9th Experience Mobility posts

Apple, Cingular and the iPhone

The rumors are over and the iPhone is here.  It looks “pretty” but I’m not particularly impressed. 
For those that want to combine an iPod with a 3G phone and have an additional feature of OS X this might be what they want … the phone itself has a giant touchscreen and there is […]

Jan 7th Experience Mobility posts



I had the opportunity to try this new addition to the MoGo family during the 2nd week of December.  Of course, I was under NDA but with the announcement of BEST of CES, I can tell you that this is as SLICK as the original.
Check out the […]


CES … It Begins

A smooth flight, a trip to the hotel and then I was off and running to register get some materials and just wander around a bit prior to attending CES Unveiled.
CES Unveiled was a sneak peek of some of the latest trends in HD audio.  The event was held at the Marco Polo Ballroom in […]

Jan 5th Experience Mobility posts

Gomadic - Pack Light!

So I am slowing getting everything together for CES and I have decided to take my iPAQ 4700, Palm 700W, KJAM and an incredibly wonderful Nokia N80.  Certainly a little over kill but I will use the 4700 while in flight to watch a few movies and I will pick the cell I want to […]


What Happens In Las Vegas …

 … is not meant to stay there!
At least that is what May Wong thinks in an article she published on Entertainment Gets Spotlight at CES in Las Vegas.

I agree with May when she says that “CES is no longer just about gadgets or the number of bells and whistles crammed into them but rather it […]


Can’t get enough of the 360?

Brandon Hill calls it Microsoft’s Second Coming of the Xbox 360 Revealed. Brandon had said an Engadget story indicated that Microsoft’s “Zephyr” was leaked to the press and this baby comes complete with HDMI, 120GB hard drive and 65nm processor.  Sounds very cool and we will be looking for more info at CES.
You can read the Engadget article […]


Is your hard drive full?

Do you remember when you would buy a hard drive and you thought it was a good deal when you paid $1 a MB?  Well, what do you think about paying 40cents for a gig?
Hitachi is about to release a 3.5-inch-diameter 1 terabyte drive for desktops and a little later on in the year a […]


Off to CES

It is time to get ready for CES so today I’m going to try to pack my bag and decide just what “gadgets” I’m going to bring.  Of course I do have a “gadget bag” but it has too much in it so I’ll take the time to empty it and pick just the […]

Jan 4th Experience Mobility posts

The Best 15 Bucks I’ve Spent!

SkypeOut – calling ordinary phones cheaply
I have been a Skype user for some time and have been really happy with it the entire time.  Last year, they offered a program where you could call any phone in the US and Canada at no charge.  That sounded “sorta cool” so I tried it, liked it […]


Thin, Sleek and Reliable

Three words that can describe Toshiba’s NEW portable, USB 2.0 external Hard Drive.
If you are like me and have that need for the ultra ability to Experience Mobility then this solution can help you back up that important data, personal content and all those MP3 files and movies that you want to keep safely stored.
Designed […]


A Double-Sided LCD? … from Samsung, who else!

Where can you see it?  At CES of course!
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., the world’s largest provider of thin-film transistor, liquid crystal display (TFT-LCD) panels announced today that it has created the first LCD panel that can produce independent images on each side of a mobile LCD display. Samsung’s new double-sided LCD can show two […]


12 Iriver products to be introduced

I have to hand it to Daimaou from  He always finds some great items to “wet your appetite” for mobile devices.  There will be a slew of products from Iriver and I bet they will be very  very cool.  While at CES last year, Iriver had a great booth showcasing their line of […]


CES - Where ALL the SLICK items appear!

As you all know, CES is about to start and it is during this time that many companies make their new product introductions.  Samsung will be introducing the F500 and F300 and they look pretty neat.  has again given us this little tidbit of some of what we might expect to see. Click on the linkj above to […]


Sprint Gets The Q

Sprint and Motorola Add the Smart And Sleek Moto Q to Sprint’s Power Vision Device Lineup
Consumers and professionals striving to be more organized and productive in the new year can rely on Sprint and Motorola to achieve their New Year’s resolution. The companies announced today they plan to begin offering the Sprint Mobile Broadband […]

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Jan 3rd Experience Mobility posts

Virtual Earth Mobile 1.69

This is cool! Jason Fuller updated Virtual Earth and added a few new features like Map Draging using your stylus.  Check out the Windows Mobile Team Blog here and download the cab file.
Jason said:
For those of you who asked to be able to drag the map with the stylus, I’ve finally gotten around to implementing it.
I […]


WildCharge - Universal Wire-Free Chargers

WildCharge Launches Universal Wire-Free Chargers for Mobile Electronic Devices.
This is one accessory I have been looking forward to.  It promises to offer a safe, convenient means of charging your devices.   WildCharge is about to introduce true full-power wire-free electricity for mobile consumer electronics. Sounds cool!
The WildCharger is a flat, thin charging pad that is capable […]


Another Phone — but this one is from Pharos

Looks like Pharos is taking the extra step to get their GPS devices into more hands by incorporating a phone into their lineup.  Coming up with an innovative name (GPS Phone) is clearly not their expertise but first looks show it as a pretty nice device but we will have to wait to see […]


Club Astraware offers for January

Astraware has just updated their Club Astraware offers for January. This month’s special Club-only offer is word-game favorite, Bookworm, for just $9.95 - that’s a saving of over 50%. The game is available for Palm OS(R) and Windows Mobile(R) for Pocket PC. This offer runs for the whole of January.
As part of their Annual Hogmanay […]


Netwasp Acquires KamWare‘s ThemeMaker

Netwasp is very pleased to announce the acquisition of the software business “ThemeMaker” from KamWare, including all ThemeMaker versions (ThemeMaker X, M, SE and SP), branded versions of ThemeMaker (such as “ThemeMaker McDeb”, “The PocketPCThemes Toolkit” and others yet to be released) and the web sites and
“ThemeMaker is widely recognized as the […]

Jan 2nd Experience Mobility posts


New Application Helps Consumers Transfer Information from Web to Mobile Device via Bluetooth® Wireless Technology
The Bluetooth SIG today introduced its TransSend client/server application that allows Internet content such as maps, addresses, phone numbers and other text and images to be wirelessly transferred from a Bluetooth enabled PC to another Bluetooth device such as a […]


Kleer Reference Design for Wireless Earphones

Revolutionary low-power radio architecture enables new product category
Kleer announced the availability of the first reference design for small form factor wireless earphones that achieve at least 10 hours playtime of lossless CD-quality digital stereo audio over a robust 2.4GHz radio link.  The reference design demonstrates the industry’s first un-tethered earphones, meaning there is no […]


Zune Arts - Pretty Cool!

Worst advertisement ever?  Absolutely NOT!  It’s all about individual creativity and some of them are very very cool!
I think some of these creative arts just might make a pretty great commercial …


E-TEN M700 Pocket PC Phone showed this slick new E-TEN M-700 and I must say, I like it!  Not only does it have a slew of neat features like WiFi, GPS, GSM/GPRS/EDGE, Bluetooth 2.0+EDR, a 2.0 megapixel camera, push email and an FM radio; it just looks GREAT! 
I’m sure we will seeing and hearing more about this device soon!


No wires, no software, no cell cards - AutoNet Mobile

Engadget caught this little tidbit that is about to be introduced at CES this year.  A cool item that will turn your car into a Wi-Fi hotspot.
Autonet Mobile, the first ever, always-on mobile broadband network, allows you to enjoy internet services and Wi-Fi connectivity whenever you want to by turning your car into a Wi-Fi hotspot […]


Get more out of your day using a PDA - Modern Nomads

Microsoft MVP, Jaap van Ekris has written a great article on how you can optimize your abilities on using your PDA.  This is one of those MUST READ articles that everyone will take something away.
In part, Jaap said:
Time is a scarce resource so we have to spend it wisely. Most of us do have to put up a […]


Palm Treo 750v - A Review

MitchellO posted a Palm Treo 750v review over at Gear Diary that is a good read.  It is a nice review with an interesting story in the beginning … and no, I won’t even hint about what the story is about … go read it!
In part, Mitchell said”
It’s definitely different to previous Treo’s. […]


Pocket PC FAQ Wiki

Chris De Herrera has a new FAQ Wiki where you will find the latest information on Pocket PCs and Smartphones that run Microsoft’s Windows Mobile operating system.
Windows Mobile is the Microsoft application set used to run on very small devices. They support a standard set of applications such as Contacts, Calendar, Messages (e-mail), Tasks, Windows […]


Secure Digital Cards, SD HC, mini SD, micro SD

Want a short, quick primer on SD cards?  Confused about what is what?  There is an excellent FAQ at Chris De Herrera’s Windows CE Website that will quickly give you the information you need to understand the differences between all the different cards available.
There are a few different Secure Digital cards.  This FAQ explains […]

Monday, January 01, 2007

Experience Mobility wishes you a . . .

Jan 1st Experience Mobility posts

HTC ExtROM Utility

PocketPCFreeware continues its tradition of finding some neat freeware to start the New Year
Todays find is called ExtROM_Utility, which isa program conceived for HTC Universal machines and turns your Extended ROM visible in your explorer.
You can see it as a GUI for the tweaks originally published by Buzz_Lightyear on his site.
Check it out […]

TechEBlog has a “Bully” Giveaway Contest

The folks at TechEBlog have a brand new sealed copy of “Bully” to giveaway and all you have to do is come up with a funny caption.
Click the link TechEBlog “Bully” Giveaway Contest , enter your “caption” and you just may start the New Year with a WIN! The contest ends January 6th @ 11:59pm PST. […]

New Spectec Video Out Adapter

Well you have asked for an easy way to have your device display its screen on a larger screen and it looks as if Spectec has the solution with a connector that fits into the SD slot of your Pocket PC.
Now you can display video from your Pocket PC either directly through a monitor or […]

Start the NEW YEAR with MobileTechRoundup #84

Happy New Year from the folks at MoTR! They are starting us off (or ending the year if you listened yesterday) with another terrific podcast.
James Kendrick, Matthew Miller and Kevin C. Tofel are all gearing up for CES…their excitement is building and I would expect that we will be updated frequently as to what’s new, […]

A New Years Gift from BostonPocketPC

The folks at Boston Pocket PC are grinding away with new posts and new features to start the year off with the NEW! It looks as if Don spent part of his New years Eve creating a mobile version of the site and it looks (and runs) great.
Don said “using your mobile device, […]