Thursday, October 02, 2008

The Scott Jordan Signature System - A First Look

There is something about a SCOTTEVEST that just exudes a special character along with an amazingly comfortable feeling as you wear it.


I have been a SCOTTEVEST person ever since I got my first vest years ago and over the years I have had the opportunity to review a myriad of products that have followed in the SCOTTEVEST tradition of high quality, comfort and versatility. After opening and seeing the  NEW Scott Jordan Signature System, it is possibly the best jacket that SCOTTEVEST has produced. 

In this first of two "first look" videos, I share with you my experience as I open the NEW Scott Jordan Signature System. Quite simply, it is absolutely amazing! In the second of this two part series,  I share my experience with the NEW Fleece 5.0 which serves as the “undergarment” when worn with the NEW Quantum jacket.  My first impression as I looked at, felt and tried on the Fleece was “WOW"!  It had an extraordinary feel, incredible comfort and typical of all SeV products, quality throughout. 

You can watch my first look videos here

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

How to use the Snipping Tool in Vista

Here is a tool that is part of Vista that is one of those cool utilities that make your work just a little easier.  Today I saw that Ctitanic from Mobility Site referenced a video that Esther Choi from Microsoft did showing you how to use this useful tool.  Like Ctitanic, I am really pleased to see that Microsoft is producing and posting these types of videos for users.

So if you liked that video here are some more that Esther did showing some of the great features of Vista.  You can watch them here: