Wednesday, November 21, 2007

International Traveler? ... Check Out the DUO Atom

wd Travel a lot?  Do you have the need for two SIMs?  Then you want to check out this neat phone that makes life just a little easier with a twist of your hand. I took a second to visit WND Telecom and liked the rotational video they displayed to show off the device ... you may like it too!  Click the link above to check it out.

'Dual SIM cards in one handset built seamlessly around a gravity sensor'

Synchronize personal and business life in one handset
Gravity sensor for effortless conversion between SIM cards
Use seamlessly across continents

The Duo Atom is a life-enhancing multimedia solution incorporating cutting edge technology. Supporting two SIM cards and with an in-built gravity sensor, the Duo Atom lets users move effortlessly between separate mobile accounts with a simple flip of the phone. Featuring a unique touchpad application, the screen and keypad are reversed as the handset is turned 180 degrees to allow access to each of the two phone accounts in turn from the same touchpad. In addition, the in-built camera, TV-out and mp3 player make the Duo Atom a powerful leisure companion.