Monday, February 26, 2007

Feb 13th Experience Mobility Posts

Suzi is at it again!

But this one from Suzi (from showcases the HTC S710 and P3350. Yup, Chris Leckness said that all of a sudden he was getting all sorts of alerts for some new HTC device videos.  Well, I like watching Suzi … she has incredible enthusiasm.  Head over to Mobilitysite for the links to several videos … […]


Yahoo announces Go for Mobile 2.0

Engadget Mobile reported today that a cornerstone of Ed Zander’s keynote address this morning centered around Yahoo’s exploits in the mobile space. Its first serious foray, Go for Mobile, wasn’t really much of a game-changer in either of its major flavors (Windows Mobile and S60) for a simple reason: the app wasn’t much more than a […]


Verizon Lights Up More EV-DO Rev. A, Covers Much of Metro USA

First it was good, then it was bad, very very bad and then …. BAM … IT WAS OUTSTANDING!
Matt Hickey from Crunch Gear just explained why.  It seems as if you’re a Verizon Wireless customer, your wireless broadband may have just gotten faster. Just eleven days after announcing plans to light-up its 3G EV-DO Rev. […]


Bank of America Introduces Cell Phone Banking

Consumers nationwide will be able to use cell phones and smartphones to check balances, pay bills and transfer money.
Bank of America Online Banking customers will be able to use their cell phones and smartphones when they’re on-the-go to check account balances, pay bills and transfer money with the launch of secure mobile banking, the […]


So You Be The Judge … part 2

So we have an update, there has been a change.  Evidently the folks at Mobility Today recognized that copying a post is a treacherous act and that you can get “burned” because I have just been informed that they have now adjusted their original post to reflect the actual press release rather than reflect […]


So You Be The Judge …

Sometime back I left Mobility Today after over four years of serious contribution to that site.  There was a difference of opinion on how things should be done; it was not my site, so I made the decision to leave.  It was time to go. 
Not a big deal … or was it?
I started Experience […]



“The Fizz Newzz” provides new outlet for exploding medium of personal video

Ask any video blogger with his own vlog or a couple of YouTube clips under his belt to be on TV—real TV—and chances are you won’t have to ask twice.
So when producers of DIRECTV’s vlogger-created-content program, “The Fizz,” approached Peter Zottolo to […]


Special Offer from SCOTTEVEST to Experience Mobility Readers

Today I received an email from Scott Jordan, CEO of SCOTTEVEST.  SCOTTEVEST is having a “closed sale” to previous purchasers but has been very kind to extend the sale to my readers.
If you have never visited SCOTTEVEST then you are in for a treat.  They have an incredible collection of “techie” clothes that will […]


The Rizr Z8 - it bends

Motorola introduced a new phone design, which slides open and bends to bring the microphone closer to the user’s mouth.
The Rizr Z8, unveiled at the 3GSM wireless trade show in Barcelona, Spain, uses software from Symbian, which specializes in advanced cell phones and is more often found in phones from Nokia, Motorola’s bigger rival.
The […]


HTC Unveils New Q1 2007 Smart Device Line-up

 Three new devices launched at 3GSM, showcasing ground-breaking  new form factors
Barcelona, Spain - 13th February 2007 - High Tech Computer Corp. (TAIEX: 2498; “HTC”), the world’s leading provider of Microsoft Windows Mobile powered devices, today launched three smart devices from its Q1 2007 product portfolio at the 3GSM World Congress Conference and Exhibition. These ground-breaking […]

Feb 12th Experience Mobility Posts

3GSM - what’s in Barcelona

Marguerite Reardon posted a story on 3GSM that is worth reading entitled 3GSM: Wireless sharpens its edge in Barcelona. This is one of the industry’s largest trade shows showcasing new phones, services and strategies that we will see now and in the future.
Starting Monday, leaders in the mobile industry will gather at the 3GSM […]


BlackBerry 8800 Smartphone

GPS & BlackBerry Maps, MultiMedia & Expandable Memory, Voice Dialing & TrackBall
Research In Motion has introduced its BlackBerry 8800 … with a lot of cool multimedia consumer features.
Unveiled this week at the 3GSM World Congress, the BlackBerry 8800 includes a media player and a microSD expandable memory slot for music and videos. A very slim device with a QWERTY […]


Congratulations to StevieG!!

StevieG has won the Experience Mobility Scavenger Hunt featured in the news item we posted on CES - Big, Exciting, Overwhelming and Fun.
For those that read the entire article, there was a hidden scavenger hunt inserted in the article that said:
Now it is time for a little break in this CES wrapup and time […]


Lenovo, Motorola & Asus … Great NEW Entries

Lenovo, is jumping into the converged device world. They are showing their 1st two offerings at 3GSM in Barcelona today. Check them out here at Mobilitysite!
And in a different post, Chris from Mobilitysite was pleased to present the Motorola Q GSM Version running Windows Mobile 6.
And finally, a third and possibly the most exciting […]


New Nokia phones

Nokia shows new E series optimized for Internet access on the go–at 3GSM World Congress in Spain.
Marguerite Reardon from CNET posted a piece on Nokia’s newest entries.  The three additions to its E series phones are for the business user.  The new devices are the E61i, a thin BlackBerry competitor; the E65, a stylish slider; […]


World’s Fastest Handheld Device

DataWind Unveils World’s Fastest Handheld Device, “PocketSurfer™ 2”, Before Live Audience at 3GSM
PocketSurfer™ Version 2 Fulfills Promise of “True Wireless Internet”
Barcelona, Spain, 3GSM World Congress (PRWEB) February 12, 2007 — DataWind Net Access Corporation, “DataWind,” a leading provider of wireless web access products and services, today unveiled the new version of PocketSurfer™, the World’s […]


OQO Model 02 Ultra Mobile PC With Embedded HSDPA

OQO Demonstrates Model 02 Ultra Mobile PC With Embedded HSDPA Capability at Novatel Wireless Booth at 3GSM World Congress. OQO Signals International Expansion Targeted at Europe and Asia.
BARCELONA, Spain, Feb. 12 /PRNewswire/ — OQO Inc., mobile computing innovator and creator of the groundbreaking model 02 computer, today showcased the award-winning model 02 computer with […]


Yahoo runs mobile phone advertising in 18 nations

Yahoo has top corporate advertisers that will run brand ads on mobile phones.   
Yahoo! has begun offering its brand advertising to reach mobile phone users across markets in Western Europe, South Asia and the Americas, capitalizing on its prowess in supplying Web advertising to computer users.
Companies like Hilton’s Embassy Suites, Infiniti, Intel, Nissan, Pepsi, Procter & […]


A NEW iPAQ - Sleek, Small, and Feature Packed

HP Unveils Smartphone with Powerful Wireless Email Capabilities for Mobile Professionals
HP today introduced the latest HP iPAQ device, a sleek and small smartphone that delivers a flexible wireless email experience for business customers through convenient voice control and hands-free operation.
The HP iPAQ 500 series Voice Messenger features voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) capabilities, “push” […]


It’s Official! Windows Mobile 6

Microsoft Reveals New Windows Mobile 6 Smartphone Software, Improves World’s Fastest-Growing Mobile Operating System
Latest software to feature new messaging tools, tighter security and improved productivity features; devices to begin shipping worldwide by second quarter of 2007.
BARCELONA, Spain — Feb. 12, 2007 — Microsoft Corp. today unveiled Windows Mobile 6, the newest version of its […]


Boingo Launches Worldwide Wi-Fi Service For Mobile Phones

Boingo Mobile Gives Wi-Fi Device and Dual Mode Phone Users Unlimited Wi-Fi Access at Tens of Thousands of Hot Spots across the Globe for Only $7.95 per Month.
Boingo Wireless Inc. today announced Boingo Mobile, the first global Wi-Fi Internet service designed for Wi-Fi enabled mobile phones and devices. Boingo Mobile lets users enjoy the […]


Let’s Help TabletKiosk recover stolen goods!

The Tablet PC and UMPC fan base is often referred to as a community. This is why I am reaching out to the online Tablet and UMPC fan base so that we can all respond in a unified front.
On Sunday, February 11, the TabletKiosk warehouse […]


AMD Ushers in Breathtaking Multimedia for Mobile Devices

 …with Next-Generation AMD Imageon™ Media Processors
New AMD Technology Enables Handheld Manufacturers to Captivate Consumers with Remarkable Video, Audio and Imaging

SUNNYVALE, CALIF. — February 12, 2007 –AMD (NYSE: AMD) today introduced the AMD Imageon™ 2298, 2294 and 2192 media processors, offering ultra-fast, high-resolution image processing, DVD-quality video and high-definition audio for compelling mobile multimedia experiences. […]


Palm to Announce Upgrade to Treo 750

For Treo users, the WM6 announcement brings two great pieces of news. First, Windows Mobile 6 supports full 320×320 screen resolution, meaning we can likely expect future Windows Mobile Treos to stop using the much-lambasted 240×240 screen resolution.
Secondly, in this Webcast hosted by Pieter Knook, Senior Vice President, Microsoft Mobile and Embedded Devices division, […]


Suzi got her hands on the LG Prada…

… and Mobility Site, your one stop source for news (as well as HIS one stop source for news) has a video of her giving the LG Prada the once over.  This is a very definite cool and SLICK device … my guess is that we all might get a bit of device envy with this […]


SanDisk Introduces microSD Multi SD Kit

Used to Simplify Buying Memory Cards for Mobile Phones
SanDisk Introduces microSD Multi SD Kit to Simplify Buying Memory Cards for Mobile Phones
Adapter Kit Provides microSD Card, miniSD Adapter and Standard SD Adapter
In a Single Package Compatible With Most Mobile Phones That Have Card Slots
BARCELONA, SPAIN, Feb. 12, 2007 – SanDisk® Corporation (NASDAQ:SNDK) today […]


GPS Tools Put Nokia’s 6110 Navigator on the Map at 3GSM

During the 3GSM World Congress in Barcelona, Nokia unveiled its new Nokia 6110 Navigator, a GPS-enabled mobile phone. The navigational phone features integrated maps and turn-by-turn directions with voice guidance and turn arrows pointing users in the appropriate direction. The Nokia 6110 Navigator can also provide users with traffic information, weather services and travel guides. […]


Nokia 6110 "walk through"

A walk through of the NOKIA 6110’s feature facility, its GPS Satellite Navigation system…


Nokia at 3GSM World Congress 2007, Barcelona Spain

Nokia has a big presence at 3GSM.  Here we have some consumers browsing various Nokia phones and their features.


Toshiba Introduces Two NEW Devices

Toshiba Unveils the D500 and D900 Windows Mobile Professional smartphones
Toshiba’s introduced the G900 Windows Mobile Professional smartphone. A Triband 3G enabled PDA style mobile with a full keyboard and a stunning, high resolution 3″ WVGA display – the largest in its class. For all its exceptional functionality and globe-trotting connectivity, the G900’s design is […]

Feb 11th Experience Mobility Posts

Hungry for more Windows Mobile 6?

Want to know What’s New and What’s Cool?
Jason Langridge has been dying to write a blog post about Windows Mobile 6 and he has finally done it … and he did a great job with it too! 
Using Windows Mobile 6 for over a year, he has a good perspective to offer on what is great about it.  In […]


Want to build Mobile and Tablet PC applications?

Steve “fyiguy” Hughes from BostonPocketPC has the way for you to start doing it at the New Mobile PC Hands-On Labs.  “fyiguy” has some great step-by-step information about how you can build mobile and Tablet PC applications by starting you off with a couple of neat links for hands-on labs for Windows Vista for Mobile.
There are four “labs” that Steve […]


Interesting Blackberry Patents

Here is an interesting keyboard arrangement that just surfaced at USPTO for the Blackberry.  Some very interesting arrangements for text input and it clearly gives additional space for new designs.

You may want to jump over to the Unwired View to see a couple more that are not keyboard related … interesting security features


Understanding the Elements

The Raw Feed had a neat piece on New Software Tech “Understands” Your Photos that I thought was incredible.  Think about the hundreds (or thousands) of photographs you have stored … this is a neat way to sort them all out!
Scientists at Germany’s Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Information Technology FIT and the Fraunhofer Institute […]


"Clipit", we will miss you!

AppScout  had a nice article or should I say obituary on “Clipit”, the little guy that was always annoyingly there to help you out when you were (or at least appeared to be ) befuddled with an Office document.  Entitled “To Kill a Paperclip “,  it’s a short piece that is enjoyable to read.

Feb 10th Experience Mobility Posts

M300 Mobile Phone WATCH and MP3 Player - Cool!

DigitalReviews came up with this very very cool watch and MP3 player.  Imagine, you can play Dick Tracey … Stevie, you’ll like doing that.  Yup, supposedly you will be able to Talk and SMS from your wrist.
The  M300 has a lot of features that you would want plus a few extras so jump over to  DigitalReviews […]


Just a reminder - FREE Maps from Nokia

On Thursday I posted an item FREE maps for your device talking about Free Downloadable Maps to the Mobile World

 Nokia is making its smart2go mapping and navigation platform, available for free download (, enabling millions of people to use the most comprehensive map coverage offered on a mobile device. The platform allows for mapping and routing […]

Feb 9th Experience Mobility Posts

Windows Mobile Pro 6 - A Mobilitysite "walk though"

Back in all its glory!!  We had a technical issue with the video so we had to edit to add a very important piece … sorry for the delay but when you see the video, you will say it was worth it.  Chris did another first rate job in creating a video that all will […]


Windows Mobile Security and Patch Management

If you work in Information Technology or have been using Windows on your desktop you are aware that security and patch management are critical tasks that must be addressed especially on any device where you store information. With Windows Mobile you cannot afford to ignore security and patch management either.
This article provides an overview […]


Prada - Nice but NOT running Windows Mobile

There was a small website that was showing a picture of LG’s Prada and indicated that the LG iPhone look alike was going to run Windows Mobile 6.  Supposedly a Business Week article “spilled the beans” and a light bulb went off … I think the bulb was already dead because if you check out the Prada […]


A Nice Concept … CompactAnalogThumbstick!

How can you combine compactness and usability?  The folks at have a real slick way to improve usability for your portable device … the CompactAnalogThumbstick!
“CompactAnalogThumbstick”- improved joystick for portable devices. CAThumbstick is a telescopic analog thumbstick and we offer to use it in any of portable game devices, phones and etc.
The beginning of work with […]


Is it a little rich?

Gizmodo has a piece up on Sony’s Flash-based UX390 UMPC.  They say it’s “Like a $2,500 Sidekick”.  It is a really nice device and I believe that it will serve some folks perfectly for their particular circumstances but the price … think about what you can get for $2500.
In any event, check out what the […]


Windows Mobile 6 Professional in pictures

Engadget’s Chris Ziegler has some “eye candy”, as he calls it, for you because he has posted a series of Windows Mobile 6 pictures for those of you that have a hankering to go through all of them. 
Chris said in part that the Professional Edition is the real prize, filling Pocket PC Phone Edition’s shoes. 
…. […]


A Step in the Right Direction …

… EMI May Sell Recordings Online With No Anti-Copying Software
I had posted a story the other day entitled An End To Music DRM? where  Apple CEO Steve Jobs says Apple would support an open online music marketplace if large music companies stop using digital-rights management software to prevent copying of music sold online.
Today, The New York […]

Feb 8th Experience Mobility Posts


BlueAnt Wireless has announced the release of its latest Bluetooth headset, the V12. The V12 incorporates a Backlit LCD screen with 12 digit caller ID, vibrating alert for incoming calls, ‘Ambient Noise Reduction’ for improved clarity of sound, battery and volume ‘Intelligent Status Indicators’ and a history of […]


FREE maps for your device

Explore the world with free maps on your mobile
smart2go is a compact programme for your mobile that allows you to load maps from around the world. Discover interesting places with ease, highlight them and get the route.


A Rollable-Screen Handheld - Slick!

David Meyer of ZDNet UK reported that A division of Philips will show off what it claims is the world’s first “rollable display” cellular device at the mobile technology exhibition 3GSM next week.
Polymer Vision’s Readius device, which has a roll-out grayscale screen, is being touted as a combination 3G-enabled PDA and e-book reader. Telecom […]


Don’t mess with old farts …
Thursday, February 8th, 2007

A wealthy old lady decides to go on a photo safari in Africa, taking her faithful aged schnauzer named Charlie, along for the company.
One day the schnauzer starts chasing butterflies and before long, Charlie discovers that he’s lost.. Wandering about, he notices a leopard heading rapidly in his direction with the intention of having […]


World’s First Mobile Router

Links 3G/4G Cellular, Municipal Wi-Fi
Top Global announced the world’s first Mobile Router that can simultaneously link 3G/4G and Municipal Wi-Fi networks to provide seamless roaming and secure connectivity to multiple devices, such as VoWiFi phone, WiFi IP Camera, PDA, and computers.
Municipal Wi-Fi networks are making headway with more than 300 communities nationwide plan to […]


Samsung - Ultra Smart and Ultra Cool!

Samsung announced a new addition to its Ultra portfolio with the introduction of Ultra Smart F700. This revolutionary mobile phone will be showcased at 3GSM World Congress, the largest telecommunications event, next week. The F700 features unrivaled design and brings a superior range of multimedia experiences to consumers.
The Ultra Smart is a part of […]


An End To Music DRM?

Apple CEO Steve Jobs says Apple would support an open online music marketplace if large music companies stop using digital-rights management software to prevent copying of music sold online. An economist who studies hidden costs of intellectual property rights agrees with Jobs, suggesting his challenge signals the coming end of copyright as we know […]


RIM and Samsung are friends again ….

…  of course we don’t know the specifics (they are keeping them under wraps) but yesterday Research In Motion and Samsung reached agreement on RIM’s lawsuit over BlackJack smartphone.
It has been reported that RIM has incorporated into the settlement protection of their trademark and Samsung will make concessions on how they will avoid customer confusion of […]


ESPN Mobile Lives!

Verizon Wireless to get exclusive rights on Mobile ESPN content
For those of you that can’t live without ESPN, Verizon Wireless and ESPN have signed an exclusive, multi-year agreement that will provide Verizon customers with the sports content application.  The Vcast data service will cost users $15 per month.
Verizon Wireless customers who sign up for a V CAST subscription will […]


Fire Today …

When I moved to Maine, I joined the Volunteer Fire Department to offer my services when I am here in Maine.  For the past three years I have gone through some rigorous training and today we got to use some of the skills acquired.
A Cold Winter means folks keep their wood stoves pumping to […]

Feb 7th Experience Mobility Posts

MegaChip and ROM … the finale!!

Well, here we go … The DoS Clan reviews the Athena, x7500 from HTC 3of3.  Check it out … this is one very SLICK mobile device that offers quite an array of features.  … and YES, I have held it in my hand!  Very slick!
So catch the last video … it’s just a taste but […]


BlackBerry 8800 - A Hands On

 The Boy Genius Report got their hands on a BlackBerry 8800 and from the tone of their discussion … they like it!
Coming in svelte black and chrome here is the new BlackBerry 8800! I am happy to show everyone this fantastic device from every-which-angle possible. The OS seems to loads way faster than the […]


Hammer Heads - It’s Open Season!

It’s Open Season on Gnomes with Hammer Heads
Astraware and PopCap Games are excited to announce that it’s open-season on gnomes with the release of Hammer Heads for Palm OS. and Windows Mobile. for Pocket PC Smartphones and PDAs.
Hammer Heads is a frantic fun-fest for anyone with an aversion to those pesky creatures that live […]



So what is really cool with Spb Mobile Shell is its integration with Spb Diary.
Spb Mobile Shell together with Spb Diary makes a perfect Today screen. Look at this examples:

1. “Classic”This is the easiest way to configure the integration with Spb Diary.
2. “Diary Addict”Spb Mobile Shell is in drop down mode and Spb Diary takes the rest […]


MegaChip and ROM … doing it again!

Well it appears as if HTC is following the lead of others that release a little viral marketing on upcoming products … the Athena x7500.
Chris over at Mobilitysite found #2 (of 3) and let me know it was available.  There are 6 days left before the official appearance so we will just have to live […]


Will Vista Run Your Games?

Jason Cross has an article on ExtremeTech about Will Vista Run Your Games: The Final Word that is interesting and worth the read if you are an avid gamer.  In part, Jason said:

It seems as though we have been writing about Windows Vista in the future tense forever. Nobody will deny that Microsoft has taken an […]

Feb 6th Experience Mobility Posts

Spb Software House Releases Spb Mobile Shell

Spb Software House, the leading Pocket PC software developer, unveils Spb Mobile Shell.
The Pocket PC user interface has not been significantly changed for the last six years. Originally the Pocket PC was a PDA designed for stylus navigation and long but infrequent periods of general use. It has since evolved into many things, including […]


SPB Mobile Shell - A Mobilitysite First Look

This is a brief video demo of SPB Mobile Shell, a new utility from SPB Software House. Chris leckness been using this for the past couple weeks and has found it to be amazingly simple to setup and very powerful.
Spb Mobile Shell introduces the next generation user interface while keeping all advantages of a Windows Mobile device. Spb […]


SPB Mobile Shell - WOW!

With the new release of Mobile Shell, the developers of Spb Software House are offering an Extreme Makeover for your Windows Mobile 5 device.  If you compare Windows Mobile 5.0 with Pocket PC 2000 it is obvious that there have been no significant changes to the user interface. 
Sure, the Pocket PC OS looks nicer, […]


Sony Ericsson’s W610 Walkman

Sony Ericsson’s new W610 Walkman is a neat looking device that sports quad-band with EDGE data.   Some of the features are an RDS FM Radio, an LED light for pictures, and a decent battery providing up to 25 hours of music playback or 7 hours of talk time. In addition, there is A2DP stereo Bluetooth audio, a […]


Wonde Proud - 55 hours of continuous use

Because I am continually on the move traveling from place to place, I am always looking for a better solution for my Bluetooth GPS receiver needs.  Wonde Proud just may well have a solution that is well worth looking into.  The GPS-BT760 Bluetooth GPS receiver is for the user who want to use his PDAs/smart phones […]


Verizon’s Samsung U740 … coming soon

Engadget Mobile is reporting that Verizon’s Samsung U740 is close, very close to release.  They like the look of the dual hinge … looks like a Nokia N93 copycat to me which is a very slick device!
In any event, it appears as if on February 14 we will see the official launch with units appearing a short […]


Look what’s coming … maybe

The ASUS Aura is a concept device that definitely looks pretty slick.  Translation of the page is difficult for me … but there are some great pictures of this SLICK looking device.
It appears that it will have a 3.9-inch touchscreen with a very interesting QWERTY Keypad that slides out.  What are some of the “extras […]

Feb 5th Experience Mobility Posts

Run Palm Applications on your Windows Mobile Device

StyleTap® Platform allows you to run applications (and games) originally written for Palm OS handhelds on devices running

Windows Mobile Pocket PC

Windows Mobile 5.0 for Smartphone

With more than 20,000 applications for the Palm OS platform available – many of them free – you will be able to do so much more with your Windows Mobile […]


Copper Treo 680 Back in Stock

The Palm Infocenter reported today that the Copper (orange) Treo 680 is back and is at the Palm online store.
They indicated the the previous messages about it being no longer available seem to have been removed from the site. The unlocked version is available for the standard $399 and is listed as shipping within […]


Sony Ericsson to unveil new Walkman and Cyber-shot phones

C/NET Asia is reporting that Sony Ericsson looks set to announce new additions to its popular Walkman and Cyber-shot handset series.
According to a media invite that CNET Asia received, the product announcement, scheduled for next Tuesday (February 6), is expected to include new phone accessories, too.

Check out the rest of the story […]


Broadcom, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and an FM radio

Peter Judge posted a story about Broadcom integrating Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and an FM radio on a single 65nm CMOS chip. The device should cuts costs and will certainly speed up converged phone services.
Not being the first to integrate Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on a chip, Broadcom’s smaller lower-power technology will make this an […]


Sun Visor Theatre - Is this really good to have?

It looks great and definitely is a “cool” gadget to have in the car but I wonder how good it really is.  When my son was small and we went on long trips (which we did often), he would read, play games, and spent time enjoying the beautiful scenery of the United States as we […]


Upgrade or Clean Installation - That was the question!

For years I always ran a couple of computers and at one point in time I had three sitting on my desk each with different functions.  One was always my “beta” machine so it enabled me to play with what was new without the fear of a major screw up and losing my ability […]


Win an iPhone - Yeah, You Heard Right!

 … and you can win it at MY!PHONE! 
My great and good friend Judie Hughes from Gear Diary is an associate editor at MY!Phone during all her free time (how does she do it?).  Vincent asked Judie to join the team over there most likely to add a solid voice of reason as well as some clear inner and outer beauty!
So […]


It is all about control (and seeing green)

Yahoo! News  is reporting that rumor has it that Europe’s largest telecommunications groups plan to form a mobile search engine to go up against industry heavyweights Yahoo and Google. I am sure that they are seeing that vast wealth that Yahoo! and Google have acquired and now they want a piece of the mobile advertising […]


Palm announces Treo 750 in Europe

the::unwired  reported today that Palm, Inc. announced the Palm Treo 750 Windows Mobile Pocket PC Phone Edition, previously available as Palm 750v on Vodafone’s 3G/UMTS network since September 2006 in the UK and across much of Western Europe, will be made SIM free and unlocked generally available across Europe via Palm’s online store and from retail […]


When "Menneisyys" Speaks ….

…we all listen and that’s because he is always providing terrific and invaluable information.  Today, Werner Ruotsalainen posted about  Mobile Stream releasing a new version of Windows / Linux / Mac OS X-compatible USB Modem application.  Definitely worth looking at!
In part, Werner said:
Anyone using a WM5 AKU3 Pocket PC Phone Edition (any WM5 device with a […]


Apple and The Beatles Settle …

… now it’s time for Apple to settle with Cisco on the iPhone trademark although if it takes as long as the Beatles dispute the iPhone will never appear.
With Apple settling the dispute with Apple Corps Ltd, one might expectthat we will soon see Beatles songs to be sold on the iTunes.
Apple Inc CEO Steve Jobs […]


360 Camera by Cedric Tay

 Not that I would buy this camera for my travels but it is an interesting device that I ran across as my search continues for the best camera to Experience Mobility.  Designed by Cedric Tay, it certainly presents a lot of interesting possibilities for captures.

A panoramic view is ‘an unbroken view of an entire surrounding area’. […]


8" Screen for Navigation - WOW!

And the WOW continues with all the big manufacturers.  Aving posted some great pictures of the NEW LG Philips LCD.  An 8-inch LED-backlit VGA TFT-LCD for navigation … Can you imagine how cool this will look on your dash?
Check out all the pictures here at AVING USA


The Casio Exilim ZOOM EX-Z1050
Monday, February 5th, 2007

I keep looking for a new camera to use for “everyday” pictures as I Experience Mobility in a variety of situations and lighting conditions … there are so many choices that it is difficult to decide just what will suit my needs and be enough to last for several years.  Just as I pretty […]

Feb 4th Experience Mobility Posts

Rob Busway gets a NEW MacBook Tablet

I have to admit that I was a little disappointed when I heard that Rob went out and got the NEW MacBook Tablet.  I know life is sometimes tough and you have to get the “lower end” devices just to save a few bucks … but Rob, a Mac?
Rob had the following to say:
Well, I […]


Didiom - a free-to-use service

Darius Wey posted a story about a New York-based company called Didiom which has just launched a self-titled free-to-use service that allows you to preview, purchase, and send music from your Windows Mobile-based device.
Darius indicated that the content is delivered in MP3, WMA, or WMA Pro, with the wireless version at 64kbps and the […]


MobileTechRoundup 89

WOW!  The boys just keep pumping these podcasts out and as always, the content is terrific!  If you’ve been following the continuing saga of Sammy, you will be pleased to know that he is back.  I know that “Molly Motion“ was very happy to hear it!  Don’t you just love it when folks name their devices? […]


Two NEW JumpDrive USB flash Drives from Lexar

How many thumb drives do you have?  I have too many!
Have you ever grabbed one to use and just as you start to use it you find out that it is full.  And to make matters worse, it’s filled with stuff you don’t want to delete! When I saw the PowerToGo solution I knew it would save me from that problem ever happening […]


PenCommander 2.0 from Phatware

PhatWare Corporation has released  PenCommander 2.0 for Windows Vista-based Tablet and Ultra Mobile PCs. PenCommander is a system utility application that features a powerful scripting technology and is now enhanced to support the Windows Vista operating system.
PenCommander allows users to employ the pen, to invoke commands, that can control Tablet PCs and UMPCs in […]

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Feb 3rd Experience Mobility Posts

Considering a tablet?

Craig Pringle from Blog:: Craig Pringle just picked up a Portege R400 from Toshiba for review and like many tablets ( or PCs), there are likes and dislikes.  Craig called this new convertible from Toshiba innovative and posted his thoughts on his blog.  In part, Craig said:
The R400 is far and away the most slate […]


I agree Warner! Apple Blew it!

Warner Crocker from had an interesting post today on “Apple Microsoft Flame War Heats Up-Again”.  Warner made some great points but one in particular was right on the money.
… in announcing a fix for iTunes issues with Vista, Apple fanned the flames by suggesting that iTunes users wait before upgrading to Vista, or, to add […]


Vongo Updated for Windows Vista

“fyiguy” reported over at BostonPocketPC that Vongo was updated for Windows Vista.
In part, he said:
One of the coolest things I saw at CES 2007 this year was the Alpha version of Vongo. Being a huge Vongo fan, I wanted Vongo to work well with Windows Vista and personally wanted it to run well with […]


A look at multi-touch Tablet PCs and Laptops

Rob Bushway talks with Microsoft’s Hilton Locke, who demonstrates the new multi-touch technology for tablet pcs and ultra-mobile pc.


Looking for a Bluetooth GPS?

Amaryllo Trinity - Bluetooth GPS with RDS/TMC!
Amaryllo Trinity is a stylish Bluetooth GPS receiver that can also receive real time traffic information as broadcasted via TMC same as the Globalsat BTT-100 that we have posted about before.
Trinity features the 20 Channel SiRFstar III LP (Low Power) chipset and has a built-in patch […]


Everex Stepnote VA4101M - the First Sub-$500 Vista Notebook

Everex Stepnote VA4101M, priced at $498, is the first available sub-$500 notebook with Windows Vista operating system.
The 15.4-inch widescreen Stepnote VA4101M comes with Windows Vista Home Basic Edition preinstalled and it’s powered by Intel Celeron M Processor at 1.46GHz. It has 512MB of DDR2 533 SDRAM memory, which is upgradeable to up to 2GB. […]


HTC Athena - more pictures to drool over

So if you believe in the adage that a picture is worth 1000 words, then head over to  Lucretius’ website and check out these pictures. What did he have to say about the Athena?
The best way to describe HTC Athena I feel, have to be the term “Mobile PC Communicator.” You see, unlike laptops or computers, […]


SuperDoku 1.1

PocketPCFreeware  has another great FREE program for you if you are a Sudoku player.  A nice interface with 8 levels of play.  Finish one level and get to the next.
Easy to play, this program has several skins to suit your fancy.
SuperDoku is a program to try and if you are not a hardcore sudoku player […]


S710 Vox - Nice!

Lucretius has a nice post with plenty of pictures of the NEW HTC Vox.  It’s a nice looking device that appears as if it will handle just about all your needs.  It worth navigating over just to view the pictures.
Introducing one of the latest HTC release, it was officially titled as the S710 Vox. Identical […]


Bill Gates on Vista and Apple’s ‘Lying’ Ads

Steven Levy from Newsweek has a WEB EXCLUSIVE where he chatted with Bill Gates about the new version of Windows, Vista.  I thought it was a terrific article with great questions and excellent answers. I particularly like this question and answer.
How about the implication that you need surgery to upgrade?Well, certainly we’ve done a better job […]


Tom Tom Navigator 6 - Easy, Safe, Reliable

Tom Tom has released Navigator 6 to the public after having announced the release several months ago. The products are readily available for purchase at their website (
Their PDA offer is divided into 3 different products:

TomTom NAVIGATOR 6 - Software & maps of the US/Canada on memory card + GPS receiver for $299.95


Friday, February 02, 2007

Feb 2nd Experience Mobility Posts

iMono USB SIM and Memory Card Reader

The Red Ferret Journal called this item ”cute and useful”. I just got a new phone and with it I got an updated SIM from my provider. So what do I do with the old SIM?
With the iMono USB SIM and Memory Card Reader you can read a variety of memory card formats including mini SD card, SD, […]

Windows Mobile Device Center

If you are going to run Vista, then Active Sync is gone and is being replaced by the Microsoft Windows Mobile Device Center. It is a beta but my experience so far is that it has worked magnificently.
Chris Leckness from Mobilitysite has a nice “walk through” that is worth looking at to give you […]

Great News for the Sling Community

jkOnTheRun reported today that Sling has opened up the Palm OS beta!
If you’re a Palm OS device owner and want in on the Slingbox beta, you can apply now via the Sling Community site.
Sharon, the beta program manager writes:
“Very happy to announce that we’re now accepting applications to the SlingPlayer Mobile for PalmOS Beta […]

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Feb 1st Experience Mobility Posts

Google Maps - a service for your mobile device

Today, Google extended one of its most innovative mobile products to a new group of users with the release of its Google Maps service for mobile on U.S. Windows Mobile devices. This version of Google Maps for mobile, which will run on Windows Mobile 2003 and higher, enables users to view interactive maps and satellite […]

Move in your world and let the music follow

Wireless Audio Bean Makes Vista Sing While You Chat
I’m anxious to see this little device come to market. From what I can gather from the specs and from a great chat I had with the folks at LTB, this device has some great possibilities for those of you that really want to Experience Mobility. Imagine […]

Fujitsu’s Ultraportable Tablet

Jim Martin is continuing his obsession with ultraportables and I’m glad he is. Last week he reviewed the slick, stylish Sony Vaio VGN-TXN15P/B. He thought it was pricey (Every Sony product is pricey Jim) but he thought it was a compelling ultraportable for people who want small.
This week he looks at the Fujitsu LifeBook P1610, an ultra ultraportable with […]

Verizon Wireless Launches Faster New Wireless Broadband Network

Verizon Wireless Enhances Wireless Broadband Network with EV-DO Revision A Technology.
Verizon Wireless today announced it is launching its next-generation high-speed wireless broadband network in cities throughout the country, giving customers the ability to upload files five to six times faster than before, giving them faster access to e-mail, everyday corporate data, the Internet and […]

Verizon, Novatel Launch EV-DO Rev. A USB Modem

Verizon Wireless and Novatel Wireless, Inc. today announced the Feb. 2 availability of the USB720, the first CDMA 1x Evolution-Data Optimized (EV-DO) Revision A (Rev. A) USB wireless modem from Verizon Wireless. The compact USB720 wireless modem is compatible with all the latest notebooks, desktops and handhelds via an industry standard USB interface.
“With the […]

Nokia Pairs Next Gen Devices With Next Gen Users

San Francisco’s WiFiAnywhere Initiative Demonstrates Collaborative Approach to Connecting People to the Mobile Internet.

The latest generation of wireless Internet devices meets the newest generation of high school students as Nokia kicks off its participation in the city of San Francisco’s WiFiAnywhere initiative, a collaboration between public, private- sector and non-profit organizations that will give communities […]

Woo Your Sweetheart on Valentines Day!

Bejeweled Valentine’s Day Edition once again available for a limited time! … there have been some NEW enhancements adding compatibility for some new devices, so Windows Mobile users with 240×240 square screen devices can display their inner-romantic.
Astraware and PopCap Games. would like to wish you a very happy Valentine’s Day. To celebrate a special […]

Dual Touchscreen Laptop - SLICK!

You need to check out this item from V12 Engineering. First impressions are that this is one very slick dual touchscreen laptop.
If you click on the link above, a flash animation will appear. Click on ENG, then 2 (portfolio), then the pic of the closed laptop to view the pics - the site is […]

More Memory from ATP

ATP Launches 2GB microSD and SD Trio Flash Memory Products Doubling the Storage Capacity in ATP’s Award Winning SD Flash Solutions
ATP Electronics Inc., a leading manufacturer of digital flash media products, today announced the immediate mass production and launch of 2GB microSD flash cards. Also newly available will be 2GB versions of ATP’s award-winning […]